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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 39

Dangers of Vaccination with Calf Lymph

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Dangers of Vaccination with Calf Lymph

The following communication from Dr. T. S. Hopkins, of Thomasville, Ga., concerning the results which have followed the use of "patent solid lymph," is published for general information: "Our town authorities have employed a physician to vaccinate all persons who present themselves for the purpose. The virus was procured from the New England Vaccine Company, Chelsea, Mass., as 'bovine matter.'

The Result has been Fearful.

Nearly everyone vaccinated has suffered severely from Erythema or Erysipelas, the arm swollen from shoulder to wrist, and the point of puncture presenting the appearance of a sloughing ulcer, discharging freely sanious pus. Many of the sufferers have been confined to bed, with high fever, from five to ten days, requiring the constant application of poultices to the arm, and a free use of morphia for the relief of pain. I deem it my duty to inform you of the result here from the matter used and from whence it came. It came in cones, each cone said to contain enough to vaccinate 100 persons, at a cost of one dollar per cone.

"Those who have tried it tell me they would much prefer to have smallpox."