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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 39

Dr. J. Brady, M.P

page 9

Dr. J. Brady, M.P.

Whether or not the Act, as a compulsory measure, be in accordance with the spirit of the British constitution, I will not discuss; but the very able and excellent "report on the state of small-pox and vaccination in England and Wales, and other countries, of the Vaccination Committee of the Epidemiological Society," clearly shows, that in those countries, such as Sweden and Denmark, where vaccination is compulsory, the per centage of deaths from small-pox is much higher than in those countries, such as France and Belgium, where honorary distinctions and rewards are held out to medical men as inducements to exertion in furthering the object of vaccination; and this important fact I strenuously brought before the House, and endeavoured to point out the inference that it would be found impossible to fully carry out the provisions of this Act, however desirable general vaccination might be considered, unless the operators were treated with some degree of courtesy, and were somewhat better remunerated than a cab-driver.—Speech in the House of Commons. 1854.