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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 39

Precedent of a Member disabled for having sat in the House without taking the Oath

Precedent of a Member disabled for having sat in the House without taking the Oath.

Sir John Leedes hath been in the House and not taken the Oath.

Sir John Leedes not to come into the House till further Order.

Sir E. Coke : That by the law Sir J. Leedes is disabled to serve this Parliament, and therefore ought to be discharged, and a new Writ.

Mr. Pawlett, accordant.

Sir J. Strangways: Can pretend no ignorance, for a Member of the House last Parliament.

Mr. Crew, for Sir J. Leedes : No question but he is in-capable. 2. He is to be punished.

Resolved, Sir J. Leedes incapable of being a Member of this House, as if never returned.

Mr. Hackwyll: To have him removed; a Writ for a new choice; and to punish him, by sending him to the Tower.

Sir G. Moore : To have no question made, but where it is questioned.

Mr. Secretary : The fault great, especially because of last Parliament. To order, he shall be discharged now, and to serve no more this Parliament.

Sir J. Leedes, brought to the Bar, confesseth he was of the House last meeting in Parliament; and that he hath sit this Parliament in the House, and hath not taken his Oath.

Mr. T. Fanshaw : That he must be punished as one that hath come into the House, not being chosen.

page 56

Sir E. Sandes: To pay the Serjeant his fees, and no further punishment; because, but negligence, no presumption, and is willing to take the Oath.

Mr. Chidley: To have an order to disable him for this Parliament.

A Warrant for a new Writ in his room.