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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 39

The Four Marks, — Meeting in the Histories of Moses and Joshua

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The Four Marks,

Meeting in the Histories of Moses and Joshua.

The Exodus of Israel Under the Conduct of Moses, followed by their forty years' wanderings in the wilderness, these being, both sensible facts, also notorious, performed publicly in the presence of witnesses. (First and second marks.)

the law and the testimony. The law evidently means the record, the books of Moses especially; the testimony, that to which the record bore witness, namely, the sacrifices, the priesthood, the pass over, the sabbath, all that pertained to the Mosaic economy. israel crossing the jordan enters the promised land. (First and second marks.) The twelve stones set up at Gilgal, as a memorial thereof (Third and fourth marks.) Twelve stones at Gilgal. Twelve stones at Gilgal. Fourty years Israel in the wildorness. The Pentateuch written by Moses. THE BOOK OF THE LAW WRITTEN BY MOSSES, placed in the, committed in after times to the king and handed down from generation to generation. (Third and fourth marks.) THE TESTIMONY. Public monuments and observance kept up in memory of Israel's redemption out of Egypt, begining from the time when that to which it pointed occured (Third and fourth marks.) THE BOOK OF JOSHUA handed down, like the books of Moses, from generation to generation (Third and forth marks.) CHRIST JESUS. THE SUBSTANCES OF THE LEVITICAL LAW.