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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 38

Funeral Allowance for Children

Funeral Allowance for Children.

To the Editor of the Rechabite Magazine.

Dear Sir and Brother,—Will you kindly allow me, through the medium of the Magazine, to draw the attention of the members to a proposition that we intend placing on the digest, for the consideration of the next Conference, having for its object "the granting of a funeral allowance for the children of members dying under 16 years of age, at the rate of 10s. per share held by a member and his wife jointly (to the extent of four shares) in the Funeral Fund, but no such allowance to exceed £2 for one child."

As our Order at present makes no provision for rendering assistance to members at the death of a child, I think the time has arrived when this question should be taken into careful consideration, especially as we have to contend against other societies making such a provision. It is true that in some of our Districts funds have been established whereby members receive a certain allowance on the death of a child; but they are not recognised by the Order, and the members are called upon to pay an extra contribution if they wish to become members of the fund.

In the Durham and Northumberland District, the greatest obstacle we have to contend with, in endeavouring to extend the Order, is the fact of our not making some such provision, so as to assist members to bury their children. As it is an admitted fact, which we feel proud to boast of, that ours is the healthiest of all friendly societies, surely the Order can afford to grant a funeral allowance at the death of a member's child without increasing the present scale of contributions. Our District is unanimous in putting forth this proposition, and we hope the members will consider the same, and between now and the time of the Conference discuss the subject in the pages of the Magazine.

—Yours fraternally,

Henry Wardropper, D.D.R.