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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 38

Temperance Prayer Union

Temperance Prayer Union.

At the request of Mr. Henry Dunn, of Shipley, near Bradford, we have pleasure in calling attention to the above Union. In the words of the circular which he has issued respecting it, "Under a deep sense of the fearful evils resulting from drunkenness and the drinking customs of society, it has been suggested that an appeal should be made to Christians throughout the land, to make this a subject of special prayer. No attempt is made to underrate the importance of work in the direction of persuading individuals to adopt total abstinence, and of influencing the Legislature to enact laws for the mitigation or removal of intemperance, yet it is manifest that all our efforts and organisations have failed to remove the terrible drink curse from our midst. Although much good work has been accomplished, it is believed that the power of Prayer, in battling against these evils, has been much overlooked and woefully neglected."

It is hoped, therefore, that all who have at heart the temporal and eternal welfare of their fellow-men will unite in spirit at the Throne of Heavenly Grace, praying Almighty God for Christ's sake, that in His great mercy He would be pleased to awaken in His people more prayer and zeal for the removal of this tremendous evil, imparting all needed wisdom in the selection of the right means, and so blessing those means, that our beloved country may be speedily freed from that which is now its greatest curse, and which, if unchecked, will inevitably prove its ruin. It is obvious that vast results may be expected from a real and persevering combination of Christians in offering faithful fervent prayer. All are therefore invited to join this Union, and thus help in bringing blessings upon themselves, and upon their country, and, at the same time, promoting the glory of God.

1.All persons enrolled as members of the Union engage (D.V.) to pray to Almighty God for the removal of the national sin at least once every week, viz.:—on the Lord's Day. It is hoped that all members who can do so will occupy some portion of the time between seven and ten o'clock every Sunday morning; but any member may adopt another hour, according to circumstances.
2.All persons becoming members shall subscribe not less than threepence yearly towards defraying the expenses of the Union.
3.Each person, on joining the Union, will receive a card of membership, which will be renewed annually in the month of January.
4.It is found desirable to have some medium of communication between the members. With this view a Monthly Letter is sent post free to all members who subscribe not less than 1s. per year to the funds of the Union.

Our H.C.R. and Bro. Pollard have joined this Union, and will be glad to give any information on the subject, or receive names of persons wishing to become members. Mr. Dunn gives away a vast number of tracts, and is a hard worker in the Temperance cause.

All communications to be addressed to Mr. Henry Dunn, Cross Banks, Shipley, Yorkshire.

Whenever you commend, add your reasons for doing so; it is this which distinguishes the approbation of a man of sense from the flattery of sycophants and admiration of fools.—Sir Richard Steele.