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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 38

From Abbie R. Stevens

From Abbie R. Stevens.

"Salem, Mass.,

"Gents:—I hear ordinary conversation with ease, and it is a wonder to me every time I use it. Sounds that I have page 53 not heard for years and had quite forgotten came back distinctly, and the more I use it the better I like it."

Later.—(Dec. 13, 1879). "I attend church, hear per-fectly six pews from the desk, and cannot hear the minister's voice without the Audiphone. I go to lectures and concerts, and, in short, am alive again and a part of the world. Sometimes I think my Audiphone is bewitched, it works so well."

The Audiphone operates with remarkable power in enabling the deaf to successfully hear the varying sounds and harmonies of music, whether produced by the voice or instruments. To such who have heretofore been denied the pleasure of hearing the "divine art," this invention will be of great advantage. So, also, is it invaluable as an aid to hear sermons, lectures, public speaking, etc.

The Audiphone is Patented throughout the civilized world.


Conversational, plain $10
Conversational, ornamental $15, $25, and $50

(According to Decoration.)

Double Audiphone (for Deaf Mutes, enabling them to hear their own voice) $15

The Audiphone will be sent to any address throughout the world, on receipt of price, by

Rhodes & Mcclure,

Agents for the World,

Methodist Church Block, Chicago, Ill.

Audiphone Parlors, Adjacent to the Office.

No. 107 S. Clark Street.