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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 38

From the Marion Chronicle

page 37

From the Marion Chronicle.

Some time ago Dr. "Webster became acquainted with a deaf and dumb boy who lives in North Marion, Indiana, and his attention being called to the recently-invented Audiphone, he determined to see what it would do for his young friend. The instrument was sent for and came to hand last Saturday. The doctor then sent for the boy to come to his house, and some very interesting experiments were had. The boy placed the instrument against his eye-teeth, and the doctor's daughter, Miss Euretta, commenced playing on the piano. The dazed and astonished look of the boy indicated that he had heard for the first time in his life, but did not know what it was. By means of writing he was informed that it was a sound he heard, and with this explanation the experiments proceeded. He laughed and cried and applied himself diligently to learn. In the course of a few hours he could distinguish the different pieces played by Euretta on the piano, and could under-stand a few words spoken by the doctor. We called at the doctor's residence on Monday evening to see how the boy was prospering, and was surprised and pleased to see the rapid progress he had made. We shall watch the case with great interest, and at an early day have more to say.

The Audiphone is made of vulcanized rubber, in the shape of a fan; in fact, it can be used as one, and none would have an idea that it was anything else. Two cords are drawn across the face so as to slightly curve it. The curve differs in each case, which can be found out only by trial. When the fan or instrument is ready, it is placed against the teeth and the sound waves act upon it as upon the ear drum. The instrument is so simple that when we say it is a hard rubber fan drawn into a curve by two silk cords, we have fully described it. That is all there is of it, but it is the most wonderful invention of the past year.