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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 38

A Deaf Girl Hears

page 28

A Deaf Girl Hears.

Miss Ida Brook was first experimented with. The superintendent said she could hear very loud sounds in favorable weather without mechanical assistance. Mr. Rhodes, standing where his lips could not be seen, spoke at the top of his voice twice, but Miss Brook did not betray the faintest sign of having heard. An Audiphone was adjusted for her, and similar sounds were heard by her, as her pleased ex-pression showed. She also heard single notes sounded on the piano up to ten feet distance, beyond which she seemed not to hear. Practiced on A and O she heard well enough to repeat them with reasonable accuracy, much of her facility having doubtless resulted from her cleverness of interpreting the movement of the lips. Mr. Rhodes covered his own face with an Audiphone, and Miss Brook was still able to repeat the sounds, and make the appropriate mute letter signs at the same time.

To illustrate the necessity of long practice to enable even those who hear to speak, Ellen McClurg was next called up. She is about 10 years old, and born of deaf mute parents. She never until lately heard any spoken words. She understood English no better than if she had been Chinese. Words she repeated accurately, but without any sign of understanding their significance. She was intelligent enough in the mute signs.