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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 38

From the "Die Deutsche Warte."

From the "Die Deutsche Warte."

"Chicago once more ahead! for Richard S. Rhodes, of the publishing firm of Rhodes & McClure, of this city, who has been deaf for about twenty years, has succeeded in bringing to practical use the long-known theory of hearing by means of the bones of any part of the head, and for which the eye teeth, with their delicate nerve system, form the basis of oneration. It is a well-known fact that Bee-thoven the great composer, used as a substitute for the ear a metallic rod which he held between the teeth, with the other end resting on the sounding board of his piano, by which means he was able to hear what his brain had produced, and thus reach perfection in music when has rarely been equaled.

We can say with assurance that those denied the pleasure of hearing, and who have a good set of teeth, will no longer be deaf. We have the best evidence of this in our friend Jos. Mill, the editor of the Chicago Tribune, who assures us, that nee he is in possession of the Audiphone he [unclear: does] not feel the loss of hearing to suco an extent as before, and that he hears with the Audiphone every word spoken or any other noise near him as good as those whose hearing is perfect, and can again enjoy the theater and other public amusements."