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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 38

From the "Faderneslandet."

page 16

From the "Faderneslandet."

[The editor of this journal voluntarily Interviewed the parties mentioned herein concerning the Audiphone.]

"This instrument has already attracted a good deal of attention, and all agree that it is going to be of immense alue for the deaf. The most prominent papers have contained big treatises over the Audiphone, and we could furnish our readers with hundreds of undeniable testimonies concerning the excellences of the Audiphone, but space compels us to be satisfied in giving the following few:

The Hon. Jos. Medill, proprietor of the Chicago Tribune, has been deaf for a number of years, and during that time he has been using all devices known for improving his hearing. None of them were satisfactory, but now, when he has tried the Audiphone for some weeks, he finds that it not only improves his hearing but restores the sense of hearing to him.

The son of Mr. Jacob Kleinhaus, No. 91 Chicago Avenue, has a long time been suffering from deafness. He states, that at a visit at the company's office he could hear very perfectly through the Audiphone, and intends to purchase one.

Frank E. Gerber, No. [unclear: 17] Twentieth St., and Samuel F. Woods, No. 94 Washing too St., also witness the excellency of the instrument.

Charles F. Day. No. 755 [unclear: Nichigan Ayr]. deaf since 1864, can hear somewhat with the audiphone.

John Hollaed, deaf eight [unclear: years residing] at No. 791 Hinman St., can hear with [unclear: Audiphone].

Frank [unclear: Luttrell], residing in Cairo, ill., states the same.

Fred. Stiekel, from [unclear: Delavan,] Wis., deaf ana amno and attending school in Chicago, can hear with Audiphone. Thinks he cannot do without it.

page 17

Lars M. Larson, a Swede, residing in Springville, Wis., believes that he can learn to hear with the Audiphone.

Alexander Weisel, twenty years old, eighteen years deaf, can hear with Audiphone."