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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

10.—Duties of Office-bearers

page 5

10.—Duties of Office-bearers.

President.—The duties of the President shall he to preside at all meetings of the Council, to preserve order and decorum, and to exert authority in conducting the business of the Council. He shall have the same right of speaking and voting on any question under discussion as any other delegate, and shall have a casting vote in addition to his deliberative vote.

Vice President.—The Vice-President shall assist in maintaining order and attention in the Council; and in the absence of the President shall take the chair, invested with the powers of the President

Treasurer.—The Treasurer shall receive all moneys from the Secretary, giving receipts for the same in a book kept for that purpose; pay all accounts passed by the Council, signed by the Trustees, and countersigned by himself; and any balance above the sum of £5 shall be deposited by him in the bank within forty-eight hours of receipt thereof. He shall keep a proper cash-book, showing all receipts and expenditure of the funds of the Council. For these services he shall receive such remuneration as may be decided upon by the Council.

Secretary.—The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence, call all meetings of the Council required, and take minutes of the same; prepare a business paper for all meetings; receive all moneys, and hand over the same to the Treasurer within forty-eight hours of receipt thereof; keep proper accounts of all funds of the Council; prepare, and submit a half-yearly report and balance-sheet in July and an annual report and balance-sheet in January, both being properly page 6 audited and signed by the auditors, showing the receipts and expenditure, names and number of societies, and number of financial members in such societies, and forward a copy of the same to each society or union; keep all books considered necessary, and transact all general business of the Council. For his services he shall receive such remuneration as may be decided upon by the Council.

Auditors.—Two Auditors shall be appointed annually to examine the books of the Council, in conjunction with the Secretary and Treasurer.