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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37


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The First Series has been made intentionally political and financial, because of the great apathy of the public on public matters. The doctrine of "let us eat and drink" is universally prevalent Government is expected to do all things. It has its hands pretty full; but there is a tendency to add to its multifarious but unconstitutional vocations. Government is an Insurance Company (employing 'bagmen' to travel the country and tout for business); Government is a Savingsbank Company (with a great desire to dabble in general banking); Government is a Printing Company; Government is a Bookbinding Company; Government has been accused of being a Land jobbing Company; Government is a Railway Company; Government is an Education Company; Government even takes to legislation in addition to its executive and trading functions. Local effort is stifled—no Municipality can appoint the few 'guardians of the peace' required: all must come from Government; and the cry is still for more Centralisation.

Should the sale of this little book over the expense of bringing it out, it will be continued. The publisher has acted with great liberality in regard to these 'Quotations and as the quoter is willing to work from a liking of his selfimposed task, more varied series will be published from time to time.

(E. T.)