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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

"What shall we do?"

"What shall we do?"

You ask me to furnish you something for your proposed [unclear: set]ting. There is before you the contemporary history of our country.

You know that you have a Queen who dismissed the foreign Minister (Lord Palmerston), charging him with [unclear: fals]ehood practised on her in reference to transactions with reign powers.

You know that no one said a word either on the side of [unclear: a] Queen or on the side of the minister. That no one cared page 73 either for the veracity of the one or the other as to the public business in regard to which the imputation of falsehood had arisen.

You know that that Foreign Minister, after such an ignominious dismissal, became Prime Minister through the co-operation of his political opponents.

You know that that minister then sent the army of the Queen to be lost in a peninsula of Tartary [Crimea].

You know that he then abrogated the Right of Search,

If these acts do not suffice to fill you with indignation and alarm, and drive you to the resolve to do what may be done to retrieve your own character, and to revive your country, it would be presumptuous in me to attempt by words of mine to induce you to do so; for that would be equivalent to proposing for myself to make the blind see and the dead live.

(Anon. 1862.)