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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

The Philosopher, Novelist, Divine, Diplomatist

The Philosopher, Novelist, Divine, Diplomatist.

All evils lead to and terminate in good.—Dr Priestley.

From these poisonous elements (Henry the Eighth) did, Heaven, by a beautiful moral alchemy that merits our [admiration not less than our gratitude, extract that inestimable elixir—Reformed Christianity.—Smith.

It is an attribute of God's inscrutable providence that the crimes of men are made to work out the accomplishment of His purposes.—Bishop Wilberforce.

How can we hope for a blessing on a work so conducted as the Reformation in England under Henry the Eighth? If we had nothing else to look to, is not Pauperism a just punishment—that blot which alone would prove that the precepts of Christ had long been forgotten? It had its rise from the confiscation of the monasteries. Not that I uphold the monks; but if they were bad, was that a reason for giving their lands—granted by the nation for the support of the Church with a charge of onethird for the poor (for infirm, orphans, widows, hospitals, etc.)—as a bribe to private individuals? There is no such .thing in the Pagan or Mahometan East as the ablebodied starving man (in the time of plenty) of England, Ireland, or America; and with it no such thing as the atheism of this country.—Urquhart.