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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

Delusion of Ironplaled Ships

Delusion of Ironplaled Ships.

The inutility of floating hemp and timber is demonstrated across the Atlantic [Civil War in America]. The 'Times' now seizes the occasion to din into the ears of the nation that their maritime supremacy is gone from another cause than the giving up the Right of Search by the Government (not by the Queen), namely, nonsheathing.

I have for years been uttering these two propositions:—
1.In no serious tear will line-of-battle ships he again employed.
This is now understood not, to enlighten, but to bewilder.
2.Seaflghts will be determined by Hansom-cabs afloat.

This is not yet understood—it will be understood in time. It is redhot shot sent from invisible points that will drive the line-of-battle ships from the ocean.

This change in maritime warfare is all in our favor; while the discovery of the inutility of timber, pitch, and canvass would, for a rational being, blow away the solitary pretext for the giving up the Right of Search and Privateering—namely, that "in line-of-battle ships resides our maritime strength."

(Urquhart, 1862.)