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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

Maria-Theresa an I Poland

Maria-Theresa an I Poland.

The Empress in 1772 wrote as follows on the partition of Tolaud:—

"The Empress-Queen to Prince Kaunitz—When all my lands were invaded, and when I did not even know where I could in quiet give birth to my child, then I firmly relied on my own good right and on the help of God. But in this present affair, when public law is clearly against us—when against us also are all justice and sound reason, I must own that never in my whole life before did I feel so anxious, and that I am ashamed to let myself be seen. Let the Prince consider what an example we shall be giving to the whole world, if for a wretched piece of Poland or Wallachia we give up our honor and fair fame. I fairly perceive that I stand alone, and am no longer in vigor; therefore I let things, but not without the greatest grief, go their own way."

To the draft of the first Partition Treaty the following was appended:—

"Placet: Because so many great and learned men will have it so; but long after I am dead and gone people will see what will happen from having broken through everything that has hitherto been held holy and just.—Makia-Theresa."

On this, her contemporary King of Spain uttered the following words:—" From the Czar of Muscovy, from the King of Prussia, such an act is not surprising; but I did not expect such blindness and such perfidy from the Empress-Queen."