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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37



The gambler is invariably a bad husband, a bad father, a bad son, a bad brother, and a bad friend. Let his play be page 32 ever so fair, as it is called, the demon of selfishness and avarice besets him as a hurtful disease, and he is from that moment a useless pest upon earth, a curse to himself, his country, and his connections.

When Aristides was hearing a complaint, the plaintiff stilted the injuries which his opponent had committed against Aristides. "Mention the wrongs which you have received," replied the equitable judge; "I sit here as judge, and the lawsuit is yours, not mine."

The claim of the poor to be employed and maintained is an indefeasible right, growing out of every state of society where the soil is private property.

The fairest productions of human wit after a few perusals, like gathered flowers, wither in our hands and lose their fragrancy; but the unfading plan's of our Liturgy become as we are more accustomed to them still more and more beautiful; their bloom appears to be daily heightened, fresh odors are emitted and new sweets are extracted from them. He who has once tasted their excellencies will desire to taste them again, and he who tastes them oftenest will relish them best.

Speaking of the writers in newspapers, Burke said "we know of no public to which we are accountable, because it is a vague name; and a sort of fictitious tribunal before which we can never be acquitted."

France spewed out Rousseau, and England (whither he had flown) licked up the vomit.

A church without a steeple is an anomaly in building; it is a violation of propriety.

It was formerly usual with Justices of Assize to hold their meetings in the open streets. Our nearer ancestors improved upon this practice so far as to remove the Courts to an inn, of which amerlioration the following account is given:—"The Justices of the Peace for the county of Middlesex were accustomed to meet at a common inn, very inconveniently, being annoyed with carriers and many other sorts of people." As late as 1830 the Quarter Sessions and Small Debt Courts were held in inns in country towns.

The Duke of Wellington stated that England had never done anything great except by insubordination.

M. Theirs wrote that "Urquhart is the historian of the future."