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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

"Man made the Town."

"Man made the Town."

The Manufacturer—pent up in a wretched abode, working perpetually upon productions which spring not immediately from the lap of nature—has only to contemplate his own ingenuity and activity; he is surrounded and stimulated often by the worst passions; and if he has a religious turn the most gloomy and irritating fanaticism invades his heart; his body is daily enfeebled, his mind narrowed and distorted.

page 22

The breeze seldom refreshes or fans the manufacturer's impoverished blood; to excite sensations, to create emotions, he must have recourse to artificial means. Thus he is either steeped in licentiousness, or shrivelled up in horrid fanaticism, exhibited in the contortions of a contracted countenance. His Deity is not the benign God of nature, but a fantastic idol, the creature of a distempered body and a disturbed imagination—a god of vengeance and of terrors. And be cause he daily views, wretchedness, woe, disease, decrepitude and envy, and malice, and meanness, and all the doleful contingencies and odious passions of our condition around hi[unclear: d] he concludes that the same sentiments of disgust and hatr[unclear: e] must canker the affections of the Deity, and that he hall created beings only to degrade them first and to punish them afterwards.