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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

The Sacraments of Admission and Destination

The Sacraments of Admission and Destination.

Gracious Power! in whose name and by whose inspiration, in dutiful obedience to thy Past, thy great Servant and Interpreter, Auguste Comte, giving full expression to the earlier instinctive aspirations of man and completing what was defective in their later satisfaction, has instituted for thy Church a ninefold series of sacraments which in their whole sequence and right use, as in other days will be seen, will bind the family union to the social, and link in close connection the successive generations of mankind, thus forming to order and page break beauty our otherwise imperfectly-ordered existence, strengthening our union, imparting unity to our individual life, and drawing forth into more vivid consciousness our social continuity—may we, thy servants here met for the administration of one of the series (the Sacrament of Destination or Admission), bring home to ourselves by meditation the benefits of this institution, opening our lives to the influence of the conception where no more is possible, or, where it is yet possible shaping them by following the example set this day, so evidencing our gratitude for all that we have received, manifesting the power of our faith to our mutual support and to the glorifying of thy name, and thereby furthering that in which alone the trouble of the race can find its end—the religious unity which nothing but thy advent, Humanity, can offer to all thy children. Amen.