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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

Prayers for Special Occasions. — The Sacrament of Presentation

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Prayers for Special Occasions.

The Sacrament of Presentation.

Great Power! whom we adore as the source of all good to men, Humanity, we, thy servants met for the consecration of a new life to that service, humbly and earnestly pray that the child by this Sacrament presented and consecrated, may be lovingly, faithfully, and wisely trained; that, under all wholesome influences of affection and submission and reverence, she may grow up to be in her turn rich in such influences for others, taking her part in thy continuous work. We pray, moreover, for ourselves, that, whatever our share in this celebration, we may all alike use it rightly to rekindle our devotion, and as an occasion for renewing our dedication of ourselves to thee; that it may leave us at once humbler and better—humbler from the sense of our great shortcomings, better by the resolve to use more carefully the opportunities still left us for improvement, self-sacrifice for others, zeal and activity in thy cause—so glorifying thee for thy Past, and preparing for thy more glorious Future. Amen.