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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

Concluding Prayer

Concluding Prayer.

May the thoughts and feelings awakened by this day's celebration remain with us all after it is over, passing into our hearts and minds with a lasting influence, and bringing forth a harvest of good fruit, to the praise and glory of Humanity. May our faith in her be the stronger for it, our hope more confident, our love more fervent, our devotion and our service more complete and unreserved, our union felt to rest on more assured foundations.

The peace of her slowly dawning kingdom be' upon you, the blessing of Humanity abide with you, now and for ever. Amen.

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Note.—Upon the Reading from the "Imitation of Christ," by Thomas a Kempis.

We read the "Imitation of Christ," by Thomas à Kempis, so strongly recommended by our Founder, as the most universally received manual of devotion and of a holy life; but it may be wise here, in order to avoid ambiguity or any doubt as to our use of it, to say that, in using it, we substitute Humanity for God; the social type for the personal type of Jesus; our own inward growth in goodness for outward reward; the innate benevolent instincts for grace; our selfish instincts for nature. So used, its lessons of devotion and humility, of intimate communion with the type we adore, of unceasing moral culture, of self-denying service, of the service not of ourselves but of others, are not the less available because they are clothed in the language of an older faith, and sanctioned by the experience of many generations of faithful and devout men.