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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

The Index for 1873. — The Index

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The Index for 1873.

The Index,

Published by The Index Association at No. 142, St. Clair street, Toledo, Ohio, with Branch Office at No. 36, Dey street, New York City.


  • Francis Ellingwood Abbot.

Associate Editor:

  • Abram Walter Stevens.

Editorial Contributors:

  • O. B. Frothingham, New York City.
  • T. W. Higginson, Newport, R. I.
  • W. J. Pouter, New Bedford, Mass.
  • R. P. Hallo Well, Boston. Mass.
  • W. H. Spencer, Haverhill, Mass.
  • Mrs. E. D. Cheney, Jamaica Plain, Mass.
  • F. W. Newman, England.
  • Charles Voysey, England.
  • M. D. Conway, England.

The Index begins its fourth volume under the most flattering auspices. The capital stock of the Index Association has been subscribed nearly to the full amount of One Hundred Thousand Dollars. The circulation of the paper has more than doubled within the past year. It is doubled in size, and must soon be more than doubled in power. It will address itself more earnestly than ever to men and women of all grades of culture who desire to share the best life and thought of the age and to impart it even to the indifferent, the superstitious, and the enslaved. It already wields a great influence, which must grow greater every day, as brave men and pure women flock to the standard it upholds.

In addition to its general objects, the practical object to which The Index will be henceforth specially devoted is the Organization of the Liberals of the Country, for the purport; of securing the more complete and consistent secularization of the political and educational institutions of the United States. To accomplish this object, the Liberals must make a united demand, and present an unbroken front; and the chief practical aim of The Index will be henceforth to organize a great National Party of Reform. Let every one who believes in this movement give it direct aid by helping to increase the circulation of The Index.

Terms.—The price of The Index is Three Dollars a year, payable in advance; and at the same rate for shorter periods.

Agents.—Local Agents for The Index are wanted in every city and town throughout the country. The most liberal terms are offered. Send for circulars at once.

The Index, Drawer 88, Toledo Ohio.