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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

The Index

The Index.

A Weekly Paper devoted to Free and national Religion.

It is the object of The Index to give public utterance to the boldest, most cultivated, and best matured thought of the age on all religious questions, and to apply it directly to the social and political amelioration of society.

Every Liberal should subscribe for The Index, as the best popular exponent of Religious Liberalism. Every Christian minister and every thinking church-member should subscribe for it, as the clearest, most candid, and most scholarly expositor of the differences between Free Thought and Evangelical Christianity, and as the best means of becoming well informed of the arguments and movements which the Church will have to meet in the future.

Professor Max Mueller, of Oxford, England, in a letter to the editor published in The Index for January 4, 1873, says: "That the want of a Journal entirely devoted to Religion in the widest sense of the word should be felt in America,—that such a journal should have been started and powerfully supported by the best minds of your country,—is a good sign of the times. There is no such journal in England, France, or Germany, though the number of so-called religious or theological periodicals is, as you know, very large."

Essays, lectures, and other papers of a thoughtful and liberal character; editorial articles; foreign and domestic correspondence; book reviews and notices; communications, selections, and other miscellaneous matter; in short, whatever can best promote the general cause to which The Index is devoted, will be found regularly in its columns.

Also, a highly interesting Rationalistic Story, entitled "Paul Gower," is now appearing serially in The Index, and will run during the year.

Send 83.00 for one year, or 75 cents for three months on trial. All Mail Subscriptions must be addressed to

The Index, Drawer 88, Toledo, Ohio.