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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37


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A year ago I had the honor to read in this Course a lecture on "The Intuitional and Scientific Schools of Free Religion." Its main purpose was to point out the failure of what might be described as the intuitional philosophy of religion, and to show that modern religion must, so far as its intellectual method is concerned, frankly plant itself on the basis of modern science. It would have been going out of my path to criticise the principles of intuitionalism in their metaphysical or rather psychological aspect, which could not have been done without discussing at great length questions usually considered to be of a very arid and tedious nature. I was obliged to limit myself to a more practical treatment of the subject, and to deal with issues less abstract. But that the problems of God and Immortality have received no accepted solution by the method of intuition, and that they still await solution by the method of science, were points that I endeavored to make especially prominent and clear. The present lecture is in some sort a continuation of the former one; and it will be my object to contribute something towards an answer of the question—"What does science teach about God?"