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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 37

Free Religious Index

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Free Religious Index,

A Weekly Journal

Devoted to Free Religion

Published by

The Free Religious Association,

No. 3 Tremont Place, . . . . Boston.

Editor: William J. Potter.

Editorial Contributors:

Among the regular or occasional contributors are: Felix Adler, Francis E. Abbot, John Albee, John W. Chadwick, Mrs. E. D. Cheney, Rowland Connor, George W. Cooke, George Jacob Holyoake (England), Frederick May Holland, C. D. B. Mills, Minot J. Savage, William H. Spencer, Mrs. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Benjamin F. Undekwood, and Mrs. Sara A. Underwood.

The Free Religious Index is the continuation of The Index, which was founded and has been for ten years edited by Francis Ellingwood Abbot. Efforts will be made to keep the same high standard, and merit the same honorable distinction. As the late editor expressed it, the paper will still aim:—

To increase general intelligence with respect to religion; To foster a nobler spirit and quicken a higher purpose, both in society and in the individual;

To substitute knowledge for ignorance, right for wrong, truth for superstition, freedom for slavery, character for creed, catholicity for bigotry, love for hate, humanitarianism for sectarianism, devotion to universal ends for absorption in selfish schemes;

In brief, to hasten the day when Free Religion shall take the place of dogmatism and ecclesiasticism throughout the world, and when the welfare of humanity here and now shall be the aim of all private and public activities.

It may be further stated that, as voice of the Free Religious Association, the Free Religious Index will endeavor fairly to represent all the phases of the movement, in all their breadth, for which that Association stands. Whatever pertains to its threefold object—"the practical interests of pure religion, the increase of fellowship in the spirit, and the encouragement of the scientific study of man's religious nature and history"—will here find a fitting place. The relations of Religion to Modern Science and to Social Science and Philanthrophy, the relations of Universal Religion to the Special Religions, and the relations of Religion to the State, will receive particular attention. Book Notices and Correspondence will be secured from competent writers. As a

Special Feature,

which will commend the paper to many new subscribers, the Free Religious Index is to publish a lecture by Dr. Felix Adler, before his society in New York, once a month during the season of his society labors. The Editor will also print within the year several of his discourses.


The price of the Free Religious Index is Three Dollars a year, payable in advance, which includes postage, and at the same rate for shorter periods. All remittances of money must be at the sender's risk, unless forwarded by check, registered letter, or post-office money order. The name, with address in full, must be accompanied with the money in each case. Address

Free Religious Association,

No. 3 Tremont Place Boston, Mass.