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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 36

Colonial Wine License

page 53

Colonial Wine License.

Whereas the licensing magistrates holding the licensing meeting at____on the day of____One thousand eight hundred and seventy-____have by their certificate dated the day of____authorised the issue to of of a colonial wine license for the shop [or premises] of the said____situate at And whereas the said____hath paid the sum of____pounds sterling as the fee on such license: Now I do hereby declare that the said is licensed to sell any wine cider or perry the produce of fruit grown in an Australian colony in quantities not exceeding two gallons on such premises between the hours of six in the morning and twelve at night. And this license shall commence on the day of____and continue in force until the thirty-first day of December now next ensuing both days inclusive. Given under my hand at____this day of____One thousand eight hundred and

Treasurer [or Receiver of Revenue].