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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 36

Part I.—Licenses and Registrations and Fees Payable Thereon

Part I.—Licenses and Registrations and Fees Payable Thereon.

No. of Section.
All licenses held, and all persons and premises licensed on 1st January, 1877, are subject to the provisions of this Act, except where otherwise specially provided 2, 31
All vendors of wine made in Victoria, in quantities of not less than two gallons, are included in the term "Brewer," and must therefore be registered and licensed accordingly 3,15, 16
Any person who exposes for sale spirituous or fermented liquors or wine in any shop, warehouse, or other premises, is a "spirit merchant," and must hold such license 3, 15, 16
The provisions of this Act do not apply to "any person occupying any premises bona fide as a club," not be a licensed publican; he may therefore sell on Sundays to all comers, whether bona fide travellers or not, the prohibitory enactments in sections 66 and 77 applying only in the case of licensed persons 4.
Temporary licenses may be renewed for a period not exceeding twenty-eight days, subject to such conditions as the magistrates may impose, and may be granted for railway refreshment rooms until the next annual licensing meeting 10
A grocers license now permits of the sale of liquors in bottles containing not less than a reputed pint—so far qualifying the 36th section of "The Weights and Measures Statute 1864," which requires all goods sold and delivered to be made by the standard measures, or part thereof 8
A colonial wine license can only be granted for premises in Melbourne, Geelong, or any borough (which includes every city and town) rented or valued at £50 a year, or in any other place at £25 a year 9page iv
A billiard license is not required by a licensed publican; but all persons having tables for hire must have a license 11, 94
A special temporary license, the fee for which is one pound a month, appears to grant all the advantages of a grocer's license, without the condition of the licensee being a spirit merchant 12
Special areas—being localities so proclaimed by the Governor in Council, on the application of the council of any municipality, the license fee for publicans licenses within which being ten pounds, may now be proclaimed within any distance of the city of Melbourne, the former restriction of fifty miles being repealed 14
Brewer's registration fees have been raised from £10 to £25 16