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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 36

Rules of the Benevolent Institution, Dundin

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Rules of the Benevolent Institution, Dundin.

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To Relieve the Aged, Infirm, Disabled, and Destitute of All Creeds and Nations, Afford Them Medical Relief, and to Minister to Them the Comforts of Religion.

Rules and Regulations.

Qualification Life Governors

1. Every donor of £20 or upwards shall be a Life Governor; and every person who may have raised, or shall raise, by one or more collections in one year, the sum of twenty pounds (£20) or upwards, from persons not claiming membership on account of their contributions towards such sum; and every executor first named in any Will, proving the same, and paying to the Institution a bequest of fifty pounds (£50) or upwards, shall have all the rights and privileges of a Life Governor.

Qualification of Members.

2. Every Subscriber of one guinea or upwards shall be an annual Member, and shall have the privilege of recommending cases of distress for relief, and of voting at the election of office-bearers, provided that he shall not be entitled to vote until three months after the payment of his first Annual Subscription. The Annual Subscription shall be due and payable on the 1st day of January in each year.
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3. There shall be, in the month of January in

Annual General Meeting in the month of January.

every year, a General Meeting of the Life Governors and Members of the Institution, to be held at such place as the General Committee shall appoint (of which meeting fourteen days' previous notice shall be given in two or more of the Dunedin newspapers), to receive the Report and Accounts of the Committee of Management; to elect the Committee and other Office-bearers; and to transact the general business of the Institution.
4. The Office-bearers of the Institution shall

Office-bearers to be elected annually.

consist of:—a President, Vice-President, Honorary Treasurer, and a General Committee of any number not exceeding eight members (exclusive of ex officio Members), to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, by and from among the Life Governors and Members.
5. The President, Vice-President, Treasurer,

Ex-officio Members of Committee.

Honorary Medical Officers, and the resident principal Minister of each congregation contributing a collection to the Funds of the Institution (being qualified as Governors) shall be ex officio Members of Committee; but no ex officio Members, except Honorary Office-bearers, shall vote on the removal or appointment of any paid servant of the Institution.
6. The General Committee shall meet once in

Committee Meetings, when to be held.

the week, and at such other times as they may appoint, to receive the report of the various officers, and discuss the general business of the Institution; three to form a quorum. A Committee Meeting shall be held the first Monday in every February and August, to enter into contracts for the supply of provisions and other necessaries: five to form a quorum.
7. The President, Vice-President, or Treasurer,

Who to preside at Committee Meetings.

shall preside at all meetings of Committee; and in their absence, the majority present shall appoint their own Chairman, who shall have an additional or casting vote.
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Committee to frame Bye-laws and Regulations.

8. The Committee shall frame such Bye-laws and Regulations as they may deem necessary, the same not being at variance with the general laws of the Institution.

Special General Meeting of Subscribers, how to be convened.

9. The Committee of Management may convene a special general meeting of subscribers at any time, upon giving notice at least fourteen days previously, in two or more of the Dunedin newspapers, which notice shall be repeated three times. Any thirty Life Governors or Subscribers may request the Committee to call a special meeting at any time; and should they, after receiving such requisition so signed, refuse or neglect to call such meeting within fourteen days, it shall be in the power of the said requisitionists to convene such a meeting, upon giving notice as directed above.

Bye-laws to be repealed only at special meetings.

10. No bye-law or regulation shall be altered or repealed except at a special meeting of Committee; such meeting to consist of not less than five members.

How appointments are to be made by the Committee.

11. That in electing to any appointment by the Committee, when there are more applicants than are required, the voting shall take place by voting cards; and in all cases the salary shall be determined before proceeding to election.

Honorary Medical Officers and their qualifications.

12. There shall be two or more Medical Officers, not to exceed four, whose appointment shall be honorary; and no one shall be eligible for the office of Medical Officer who is not certificated by the Medical Board of Otago.

Appointment of Honorary Medical Officers and filling up of vacancies.

13. The Honorary Medical Officers shall be chosen by the Committee, and shall be amenable to the rules made by them. If any vacancy occurs by death, removal, or retirement, such vacancy shall be filled up at a special meeting of Committee, to be convened for that purpose.

How Medical Officers shall report.

14. That the Honorary Medical Officers shall report on the state of the inmates at the weekly meeting of Committee.
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15. That no application be received unless

Conditions of admission to Institution.

signed by a Subscriber; and no person shall be admitted until the expiration of one week from the date of applying, to allow time for inquiry, except in special cases.
16. Tenders for all supplies shall be invited

Tenders to be called for supplies.

for a period of not less than 6 months, the amount of such tenders to be duly recorded in the Minute-book. No Member of Committee to supply any article for the use of the Institution, for which he may receive pecuniary or other compensation.
17. The House Visiting Committee, consisting

House Visiting Committee, how to be appointed.

of three Members, shall be appointed by and from the General Committee, at the monthly meetings in February, May, August, and November in each year, to act in rotation. Members retiring to be eligible for re-appointment.
18. It shall be their duty to visit the Institution

Duties of Visiting Committee.

at least once a week, to make a general inspection, and to record the result in the Minute-book, to be kept in the Institution; such book to be produced at the weekly meeting of the Committee.
19. The Superintendent, or other officer appointed

Management of Institution.

by the Committee, shall have the management of the Institution, subject to the regulations and orders of the Committee.
20. The inmates of the Institution will be

Religious instruction.

allowed religious instruction from the ministers of the denomination to which they belong, at such times as the Committee shall appoint.
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Life Governors.

  • Parr, John A.
  • Bateman, G. C.
  • Bell, Sir F. D.
  • Burton A. H.
  • Bushel, F.
  • Byng, Rev. C. J.
  • Cable, H.
  • Campbell, Robt. J.
  • Chapman, obert
  • Clark, Rev. C.
  • Clarke, Joseph
  • Clarke, Wm. J., Sunbury, Victoria
  • Connebee, Rev. R.
  • Coote, Charles
  • Cutten, C. W.
  • Davidson, James
  • Davis, Rev. J. U.
  • Dench, H.
  • Dodson, George
  • Dodson, Thos.
  • Douglas, George
  • Douglas, W. S.
  • Dowse, George
  • Driver, Henry
  • Edinburgh, H.R.H. Duke of
  • Edmond, John
  • Edwards, Rev. E. G.
  • Fargie, John
  • Farj eon, B. L.
  • Farley, Henry
  • Farrer, W. E.
  • Fish, H. S., jun.
  • Forsyth, Robert
  • Fulton, Francis
  • Fulton, James
  • Geddes, W G.
  • Gourley, Hugh
  • Gow, Rev. Jno.
  • Guthrie, W.
  • Hardy, H. F.
  • Harris, Woolf
  • Hazlett, James
  • Henry, J. G.
  • Hislop, John, jeweller
  • Holmes, James S.
  • Holmes. Hon. Matthew
  • Hudson, R.
  • Hume, Marcus
  • Inglis, A.
  • James, S.
  • Kennedy, William
  • Kirkcaldy, W. C.
  • Lane, Wm.
  • Larnach, W. J. M.
  • Laurenson, Fleming
  • Little, Samuel H.
  • Lyster, W.
  • Mackie, Rev. L.
  • Macandrew, James
  • Maitland, J. P.
  • Mansford, T. A.
  • Marshall, James
  • Martin, R. B.
  • Melhuish, William
  • Meenan, F.
  • Mercer, Andrew
  • Moore, Caleb
  • Moreau, Rev. D.
  • Murphy, M.
  • Murray, R. K.
  • M'Callum, Capt.
  • M'Gregor, Alex.
  • M'Caughan, P. K.
  • McLean, Hugh J.
  • M Dougal, Wm.
  • M'Lean, John
  • M'Lean, John M.
  • McNeil, John (Briscoe's)
  • Neill, P. C.
  • Parsons, Rev. J. L.
  • Rainsey, Keith
  • Reany, J.
  • Reeves, Charles S.
  • Rennie, A.
  • Roberts, John
  • Robin, James
  • Russell, Geo. G.
  • Scoular, J.
  • Shrimski, Samuel E.
  • Smith, S. G.
  • Srow, William
  • Stephenson, John
  • Stratford, H. A.page 21
  • Street, C. H.
  • Strode, A. C.
  • Stuart, Rev. D. M.
  • Stuart, Alex., M.D.
  • Sutherland, Rev. G.
  • Taggart, W. H.
  • Talbot, H.
  • Telford, William
  • Templeton, Thomas
  • Thomson, C.
  • Thomson, Captain
  • Thomson, R.
  • Trotter, Win. S.
  • Turnbull, George
  • Valentine, Arch.
  • Vogel, Sir Julius
  • Wain, Job, jun.
  • Wallace, James
  • Walter, Henry J.
  • Watson, J.
  • Webster, Dr.
  • West, George
  • Young, Joseph

Ladies Who are Entitled to the Rights and Privileges of Life Governors.

  • Mrs. Barton
  • Miss Buchanan
  • Mrs. E. B. Cargill
  • Mrs. Caldecutt
  • Mrs. Caldwell
  • Mrs. C. Cook
  • Miss Copeland
  • Mrs. Daniels
  • Mrs. S. Dewes
  • Mrs. J ick
  • Mrs. Edwards
  • Mrs. Fisher
  • Mrs. Graham
  • Mrs. H arris
  • Mrs. Harvey
  • Mrs. Holmes
  • Mrs. A. Inglis
  • Mrs. T. Inglis
  • Miss Lahman
  • Mrs. Lambert
  • Mrs. Lawson
  • Mrs. Mason
  • Mrs. Melhuish
  • Miss Meredith
  • Mrs. Muir
  • Mrs. Nathan
  • Mrs. Rattray
  • Mrs. Skinner
  • Mrs. J. Smith
  • Mrs. Tolmie
  • Lady Vogel
  • Mrs. Winter