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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 36

Notices to Lodges

Notices to Lodges.

The District and Purple Lectures will be held at Oamaru, towards the end of January, 1878. The date will be fixed hereafter, and advertised by the District Officers.

Lodges are particularly requested to forward the printed form of Delegate's Certificates when they appoint Delegates to the District Meetings. The meetings are invariabiy held on the second Wednesdays in April and October, and Delegates may be appointed at any lodge meeting previous thereto.

Funeral allowances must be claimed by the Lodge to which a deceased member or member's deceased wife may have belonged. Claims must be accompanied by surgeon's or coroner's certificate of death, when obtainable, and by a statement under the hand of the N.G. that the Brother was financial at the time the death took place. The District Officers cannot pay funeral allowances without the above documents.

Newspapers containing a report of the meeting of Annual Moveable Committee of the Order will henceforth be received by the first mail after publication. Copies, 6d. each, may be obtained from the Prov. C.S. Orders should be sent before the end of July in each year.

The following is part of a resolution carried at a meeting of District Committee, held April, 1874—"That on and page 13 after the first day of July, 1874, any Lodge in this District shall have power to appropriate for the relief of its Management Expense Fund all interest over and above 4 per cent, per annum accruing from the investment of the Sick and Funeral Fund capital. Any such appropriation to be subject to the approval of the District Officers."

The Levies are chargeable as per column headed ''Number of Subscribing Members" in return at end. Accounts are rendered on the 1st January and the 1st July, and should be paid within 30 days of receipt. If not so paid, lodges are liable to be fined, and, after another 30 days, to be suspended.

As the books will hereafter be closed at the end of February and August, a month earlier than has been the custom in the past, compliance with the Rule as above, is absolutely necessary.

Lodges not having kept a register of members' wives and their ages are requested to open one at once. Also to keep correct records of sickness. Sick Register Books can now be obtained from the District, price 8s. each.