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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 36

Important Tracts on the Temperance Question

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Important Tracts on the Temperance Question

A New Oration On Temperance. By J. B. Gough. 1d.

Alcoholic Drinks As An Article Of Diet For Nursing Mothers. By James Edmunds, M.D. 1d.

A Clergyman'S Reasons For Teetotalism. By Rev. W. W. Robinson, M.A. 1d.

Church Ruins. By Rev. Alexander Macleod, D.D. 1d.

Doctors And Brandy. By Rev. B. Wilberforce. 1d.

Drunkard's Bible, The. By Mrs. S. C. Hall. 1d.

First Words On Temperance. A Lecture. By Rev. R. Maguire. 1d.

Important Tract On Modern Drinking. A Letter by Sir Henry Thompson, F.R.C.S., to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury. 1s. per 100, post free.

Is Total Abstinence Safe? By Rev. H. S. Paterson, M.D. Containing recent testimonies from Eminent Medical Authorities. 1d.

Medical Opinions On The Temperance Question. In neat cover, 64 pages, post free, 4d.; or in assorted packets, containing three of each, 1s.

Only for My Baby'S Sake. A Temperance Tract for Nursing Mothers. 1s. 4d. per 100; 25 post free for 5d.

Philosophy Of Drinking And Drunkenness. By William Tweedie. A Tract for the Thoughtful. 1s. 4d. per 100.

Physiological Influence Of Alcohol, The. By James Edmunds. 1d.

Thoughts on Temperance. By American Women. 1d.

Take Away That Bottle. A Doctor's Story. By Dr. Munboe. ½d.

Total Abstinence in its Proper Place. By Samuel Bowly. 1d.

Temperance and High Wages. A Lecture. By William Tweedie. 1d.

Vegetarianism a Cure for Intemperance. By Chas. O. G. Napier, F.G.S. 1d.

Verdict of Science concerning the Effects of Alcohol on Man. By N. S. Davis, M.D. 1d.