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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 34

Appendix C

Appendix C.

Compare the recent and ominous forecasting of the future European policy of the British Crown, in an article from a Romish Periodical for the current month, which has direct relation to these matters, and which has every appearance of proceeding from authority.

"Surely in any European complication, such as may any day arise, nay, such as must ere long arise, from the natural gravitation of the forces, which are for the moment kept in check and truce by the necessity of preparation for their inevitable collision, it may very well be that the future prosperity of England may be staked in the struggle, and that the side which she may take may be determined, not even by justice or interest, but by a passionate resolve to keep up the Italian kingdom at any hazard."—The "Month" for November, 1874: "Mr. Gladstone's Durham Letter," p. 265.

This is a remarkable disclosure. With whom could England be brought into conflict by any disposition she might feel to keep up the Italian kingdom? Considered as States, both Austria and France are in complete harmony with Italy. But it is plain that Italy has some enemy; and the writers of the "Month" appear to know who it is.