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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 33


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In lately visiting the sick I witnessed not a little of what is detailed in the following pages, and heard a great deal more from persons rejoicing in their recovery, and looking—some of them at least—as if they had been cured by magic. And no wonder; for who would have expected, at this time of day, such astonishing effects from the application of common sulphur? Strange that it should have stood on the Pharmacopoeia for hundreds of years, with nine-tenths of its virtues unknown and unsuspected till within the last few months! Let us be grateful, however, to a beneficent Providence that they have become known to us at last, that we have received a new gift of greater value, perhaps, than Vaccination or Chloroform; not a mere specific for any one disease, however grievous, but something more nearly approaching to the character of a panacea than any other application known. But, after all, these allegations must not be regarded as established certainties, till they have undergone the test of a wider experience. In the meantime the trials made in this district have been very promising indeed : their further prosecution is in excellent hands. Dr. Pairman's name is a sufficient pledge that it will be conducted skilfully, and that the result will be as faithfully recorded.

J. Christison, A.M.

Biggar Manse, 29th October 1867.