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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 33

Case XV.—Croup in a Child—(9th December.)

Case XV.—Croup in a Child—(9th December.)

Since beginning the system of sulphurous acid medication, I have been on the look-out for a case of croup, feeling quite assured, from its influence over larynx diseases generally, that its controlling power over croup would be something marvellous. Having no case of my own to record, it affords me great pleasure to make the following extract from a private letter just received from my friend Dr. Crawford of Peebles. I insert this the more readily (with Dr. Crawford's permission of course) because the writer happens to be my first professional convert; and especially because he did me the honour to become converted on my own ipse dixit, from his personal knowledge of me, before he had an opportunity of testing the system for himself:—

'The other day I was called to a case of croup in its second stage, the breathing being stridulous and the cough dry and characteristic. After half-an-hour's use of the spray, the cough got loose, the breathing moist, and the patient soon got well. In other circumstances this little patient would have been frightened to death with leeches, page 44 sickened nigh death with emetics and antimonials, and perhaps have died after all its torture. Although you could point to no other result than this one case, you could controvert all the doctors opposed to you. . . I cured myself of a nasty hoarseness in a few minutes, which might have bothered me for days. My friend Dr. Balfour, Edinburgh, after much experience, has unbounded faith in the treatment, has never less than six "machines" constantly out, and would not want them for anything.'

(Note.—This testimony is all the more valuable, as having been written in the confidence of private friendship, without any expectation of publication.)