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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 32

(The "Marlborough Express")

(The "Marlborough Express")

. . . . We cordially approve of the scheme proposed, feeling assured that nothing but good can result from its adoption, and we feel convinced that a wide circulation of the pamphlet before us would make many converts to the opinion of the writer. We have long felt that a change in the curriculum of our public schools was needed, and that the system which obtains with slight variations in nearly all the schools both in Great Britain and the Colonies would be greatly improved if a little more pains were taken to teach children to think. We most thoroughly endorse the words of Dr. Hodgson, quoted in the prefatory notes.—" A mind trained to reflect on consequences—to guide conduct, and to forego immediate enjoyment for the sake of greater good to self or others, may be produced without reading or writing, and is a far nobler product of education than the mere power to read or write, however clear the penmanship, or correct the pronounciation." page 26 While thoroughly sensible of the value of these latter requirements, we are also aware that there are thousands of learned "prigs" and educated fools. Were our pages as expansive as our will we would reprint the whole of the pamphlet for the benefit of the cause it advocates, as our warmest sympathies have ever been with moral training in connection with secular instruction.