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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 32

(From the "Press," Canterbury")

(From the "Press," Canterbury")

. . . . . The scheme thus introduced to our notice is perhaps misrepresented in some degree when it is called an experiment. It has really passed the stage of experiment, and must bo considered an established fact and a great success. It has been in operation eight or nine years, the number of investors growing steadily from year to year, and the amounts invested increasing in rapid proportion. The sums deposited at the first, third, fifth, and seventh years respectively, are in the proportion of the numbers 1, 3, 9, 15. Further, the example of Ghent is already largely followed in other Belgian towns, and even in the rural districts . . . . We pause to remark that it is very much to the credit of our people to be able to show, taking our wide-spread population as a whole, town and country together, as many children at school as are found in the schools of Ghent, which has nearly twice as large a population, and that collected in a single town. The comparison is such as to suggest a degree of prosperity and a prudent regard for the future among us, which ought to make it easy for us to excel the Belgians in the matter of school savings banks also.

Is there any one in our community—clergyman, politician, teacher, or other—who can find time to work this thing out to some practical issue? Or, will one of our School Committees make a beginning on its own account? There is the Post Office Savings Bank ready to give not three but four and a half per cent. If some one will make a start, we believe the thing would soon grow. There is no reason why it should not be as popular here as in Belgium, and a great deal more successful as to the sums invested. We shall watch with some interest for evidence that this pamphlet has taken hold at Dunedin, and we hope it will bear some fruit here too.