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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 32



January 1 and 2.—Caledonian Society's Thirteenth Annual Gathering.

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January 13.—Annual Meeting Presbyterian Synod.

January 15.—Fire, Victoria Brewery, £3000.

January 25.—Burns' anniversary celebrated.

January 27.—Complimentary concert to Miss Aitken, tragedienne.

February 1.—Dunedin Sailor's Home opened.

February 20.—Spire of First Church completed, 285 feet.

February 23.—Disastrous fire, Invercargill, Albion Hotel, &c.

March 9.—North Otago Turf Club Racing, Oamaru.

March 12.—Ross, Inverness, Argyle, and Bute Association formed.

March 15.—Foundation-stone of Port Chalmers Reservoir laid.

March 17.—Royal Horticultural Society's Show. Colonial Building and Investment Company's prospectus issued.

March 19.—Forfar, Perth, and Kincardine Association formed.

March 23.—Twenty-sixth anniversary of Province. Dunedin Jockey Club Race Meeting at Forbury, three days.

March 31.—Retirement of Mr. Justice Chapman from the Bench.

April 4.—Death of Judge Wilson Gray.

April 8.—Dunedin Working Men's Club formed.

April 19.—Lanark, Renfrew, and Dumbarton Association formed.

April 20.—Arrival of ship "Timaru" with salmon ova at Bluff.

April 24.—Board of Conservators for Clutha River elected.

April 29.—Banquet at Clutha to Sir J. L. C. Richardson.

April 30.—Fire in Heriot Row.

May 3. Thirty-fourth session of Provincial Council opened. M.H.R Waikouaiti: M'Lean, 277; (Rich, 175.)

May 6.—Wharf at Oamaru Breakwater officially opened.

May 7.—Arrival of his Excellency the Governor at Dunedin.

May 8.—Schooner "Elderslie" wrecked at Oamaru.

May 11.—Governor's levee. Reception by Lady Normanby.

May 14.—Citizen's ball to his Excellency and Lady Normanby.

May 22.—Dunedin Working Men's Club opened.

May 24.—Queen's Birthday. Tradesman's Races, Forbury Park.

May 26.—Railway Workshops, Hilside, started.

May 31.—Chain Hills Tunnel pierced.

June 5.—Heavy snow storm on goldfields.

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June 10.—Union Company's steamer "Hawea" arrived from Glasgow.

June 18.—First sod of Kaitangata Railway turned by Sir J. Richardson.

June 20.—Erection of Mataura Paper Mills started.

June 22.—Sixth anniversary Licensed Victualler's Society. North Taieri Annual Ploughing Match.

June 26.—M.P.C. Aparima: M'lntosh.

June 30.—Influential deputation to Superintendent complaining of delay in construction of the various trunk lines of railways.

July 1.—Ballachulish Slate Quarry, Otepopo, started.

July 2.—Union Company's steamer "Taupo" arrived from Glasgow.

July 3.—Flexman's Tannery, Kaikorai, burned, £6000.

July 12.—Heavy gale.

July 16.—Mayoral elections, Invercargill: Mitchell. Palmerston: Arkle. Oamaru: Sumpter, 267; (Shrimski, 183.) Lawrence: Fraer, 81; (Hay, 47; Walker, 45.) Balclutha: Cramond, 87; (Stewart 71.) Naseby: Busch, 68; (George 32.) Dunedin: Walter, 1048; (Reeves, 682.) Port Chalmers: M'Kinnon, 171; (Murray, 79.) Milton: Dyer, 76: (Goodall, 73; White, 27; Holt, 18.) Clyde: Naylor. Cromwell, Jolly.

July 23.—First reunion Ayrshire Association.

July 30.—Invercargill first Champion Ploughing Match.

August 2.—Fire in Thames street, Oamaru, £2500.

August 3.—Princess Theatre, Dunedin, burned.

August 4.—Coomb's Tannery, Cumberland street, burned, £10,000. O'Connell Centenary celebrated by banquet at Watsons' Rooms. M.H.R. Wallace: Basstian, 53; (Cameron, 38; Monkton 22.)

August 9.—Judge Williams took his seat on the Bench.

August 12.—Subscription to "Euphrosyne" fund £450.

August 18.—New Harbour Board nominated.

August 20.—M.II.R. Caversham: Stout, 232; (Larnach, 221.)

August 30.—Railway from Invercargill to Gore opened, 40 miles.

September 1.—Railway from Dunedin to Clutha opened, 52 miles.

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September 3.—Fire in George street, J. Adam, Ching Shing, &c. Third annual show Canary and Poultry Society.

September 4.—Fire at Phœnix Bond £9000.

September 5.—Ceremony of consecration of scroll at Synagogue.

September 21.—Third Annual Session of Diocesan Synod.

September 25.—Railway from Oamaru to Waitaki opened.

October 1.—Fire at Ross place, Lawrence, two lives lost.

October 5.—Escape of convict Cyrus Haly from gang, shot dead. Thirteenth Annual Show of Entire Horses.

October 6.—Meeting in Temperance Hall, unemployed question. October 7.—Tenth Annual Meeting of the Acclimatization Society.

October 13.—Final meeting of First Volunteer Fire Brigade, Dunedin.

October 15.—Gasworks bought by Dunedin City Council £43,000.

October 17.—Wreck of the s.s. steamer Brace at Otago Heads. October 21.—Fire at Moray-place, Dunedin.

October 27.—Superintendent and distinguished visitors arrived at Port Chalmers. Reception there and at Dunedin. Banquet in Messrs Sargood's New Warehouse, about 500 present.

October 28.—Drainage machine competition, Tokomairiro. October 29.—Banquet to Mr. Thomson, M.H.R., Clutha.

November 4.—Legge's Mill, Tokomairiro, burned.

November 9.—Prince of Wales' Birthday. Fete at St. Leonard's. Foundation-stone of Forester's Hall, Port Chalmers, laid.

November 15.—First Mayor of Green Island: Eagerty 45; (Pollock, 20; Runciman, 14.)

November 18.—Twelfth Annual Exhibition Northern A. and P. Association, Oamaru.

November 23.—Banquet to D. Reid, Esq., M.H.R., at Taieri.

November 30.—St. Andrew's Day. Dunedin Jockey Club Spring Meeting.

December 1.—Hon. Mr Reynold's meeting of constituents in Drill-shed.

December 7.—Fire at the Grange, Mr J. H. Harris, £2500.

December 8.—Ninth Annual Show Southland Agricultural and Pastoral Association.

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December 9.—Twelfth Annual Meeting Otago Rifle Association

December 15.—Horticultural Society's Show and Concert in Arcade.

December 18.—First Mayor of St. Kilda: Jones, 54; (Godisson) 43.)

December 20.—M.H.Rs. Dunedin: Macandrew, 891; Stout, 865; Larnach, 843; (Reynolds, 476; Macassey, 409; Fish. 238; Grant, 29; Armstrong, 24.)

December 21.—M.H.R. Caversham: Seaton, 278; (Cargill, 184.)

December 22.—M.H.R. Waikouiti: M'Lean, unopposed; Tuapeka, Brown, unopposed. First Mayor South Dunedin, Maloney.

December 23.—M.H.R. Invercargill: Lumsden, 180; (Cuthbertson, 150.) M.H.R. Bruce: Murray unopposed.

December 27.—Regatta at Waihola. Hibernian Society's Annual Fete.

December 28.—Taieri Agricultural Society's Fourteenth Annual Show at Mosgiel. M.H.R. Roslyn: Burns, 233: (Grant, 46.) Dunstan: Pyke, 339; (Baird, 159.) M.H.R. Port Chalmers. Reynolds, 241; (Green, 185.) Waitaki: Hislop, 335; Shrimski, 275; (Steward, 171; O'Meagher, 98.) Clutha: Thomson. 236, Mosley, 78.) Mount Ida: De Latour, 303; (Chapman, 60; Herstlett, 24.) Wakaia: Bastings, 180; (Ireland, 77; Mervyn, 0.)

December 29.—M.H.R. Taieri: D. Reid unopposed. Wallace-Joyce, 85; (Bastian, 76.) Lakes: Manders, 261; (Bradshaw, 200: Cope, 35.) Mataura: Wood, 262; (Cuthbertson, 143.) Riverton: Hodgkinson, 190; (M'Intosh, 146; M'Gillivray, 105.)