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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 32



January 1.—Caledontan sports, fourth gathering. M.U. Odd-fellows, Vauxhall.

page 120

January 4.—Municipal Corporations Ordinance passed.

January 12.—Ball in aid of Benevolent Institution, s.s. "Tairoa" launched at Port Chalmers.

January 13.—First Meeting of Synod of Otago and Southland.

January 16.—Foundation of Episcopal Church, Tokomairiro.

January 22.—Annual Meeting of Athenæum and Mechanics' Institute.

January 29.—First Mayor's Court held at Dunedin.

January 31.—Sheriff Forman arrested at Heads for robbery as a baillee.

February 3.—Otago Rifle Association: Presentation of Prizes.

February 6.—Forman discharged by His Worship Mayor Mason.

February 13.—Cricket match: Otago, 167 and 2 wickets to fall; Canterbury, 164.

February 28.—M.H.R., Waikouaiti: Murison, 37; (Vogel, 35.) Goldfields: Vogel and O'Neill.

March 1 & 2.—First Show Agricultural and Pastoral Society of Otago.

March 4.—Fire in Maclaggan street: Caledonian, Melbourne, and Scandinavian Hotels, £18,000.

March 7 & 8.—Dunedin Jockey Club Races: Silver Stream. M.H.R.'s: Taieri, Reid; Bruce, Cargill; Hampden, Haughton; Clutha, Macandrew; Riverton, Hankinson; Mataura, Bell; Invercargill, Wood, 75; (Heales, 73;) Dunedin, Paterson, 610; Reynolds, 609; (Grant, 215; Millar, 214; Birch, 119;) Goldfields Boroughs, Bradshaw, 75; (Main, 70; Manders, 7;) Manuherikia, Baldwin, 63; (Jack, 10;) Caversham, Burns, 88; (Cantrell, 47; Robertson, 43;) Port Chalmers, Dick; Roslyn, Hepburn, 81 (Borton, 54; Grant, 7;) Oamaru, Campbell, 80; (Ingram, 43;) Wallace, M'Neill.

March 8.—12th session of Provincial Council, Southland.

March 20.—Second annual ball: Dunedin Volunteers, in Exhibition building.

March 23.—Anniversary of Province: Caledonian Gathering, special games. Volunteer encampment at Taieri.

March 29.—Colonial prize for rifle shooting at Wellington: Champion belt and silver medal, Corporal Christie, East Taieri; 2nd prize, Corporal Taylor, No. 2 Scottish. Queenstown declared a Municipality.

page 121

March 31.—M.P.C., Taieri: Vogel, 82; (Burns, 56.)

April 2.—Regatta at Dunedin Bay. Dunedin City Council prohibited bell-ringing in streets; horn-blowing started.

April 6.—Ball on opening Otago Benevolent Institution, Caver sham. Second execution in Otago: John Jones, alias Poole.

April 10.—M.P.C., Waikouaiti: Orbell, 41; (Mitchell, 35; Webb, 9.)

April 16.—First portion of Benevolent Institution building occupied.

April 22.—Presentation of General Government prizes to Volunteers at Exhibition buildings.

April 26.—Musical soiree in aid of St Joseph's Church, in Exhibition buildings. Telegraph opened to Dunstan.

May 2.—Cromwell incorporated as a town. M.P.C. Taieri: Driver, Shand. 13th session of Provincial Council, Southland.

May 22.—Second annual meeting of Acclimatisation Society.

May 24.—Port Chalmers Regatta.

May 31.—Cinnabar reported as found at Waipori.

June 27.—Bazaar in aid of St. Paul's and All Saints' Church.

July 18.—14th session of Provincial Council, Southland.

July 21.—Mayors elected: Dunedin: Mason, 612; (Grant, 231; Ross, 16). Port Chalmers: Rolfe, 92; (Taylor, 67; Dyason, 12). Hawkesbury: Orbell, 45; (Smith, 37). Milton: Brown, 49; (Forsaith, 46). Clyde: Ferraud. Cromwell: Barry. Queens-town: Robertson, 40; (Fuller, 29).

July 27.—Julia Matthews' Farewell Benefit.

August 7.—Malting started at Well Park Brewery.

August 21.—Oamaru Ploughing Match.

August 24.—Prisoners Robson and Langham escaped from Gaol. Langham shot, Robson wounded.

August 26.—Cook's Straits Cable successfully laid.

August 30.—M.P.C. Tokomairiro: Landells.

September 3.—First number of Otago Punch.

October 10.—Meeting of Agricultural and Pastoral Society of Otago. Great flood at Manuherikia. Demonstration in Dunedin on return of members of Assembly.

October 15.—Great meeting in Princess Theatre: Dunedin and its Representatives.

page 122

October 17.—Annual Horse Show.

November 3.—Fire in Provincial Council Hall.

November 6.—Twenty-second session of Provincial Council; met in new building.

December 6.—First Show Tokomairiro Farmers' Club, Grain, &c.

December 7.—18th Anniversary of H. and H. Lodge of Oddfellows.

December 8.—Foundation Stone of Oamaru Masonic Hall laid.

December 11.—Slight shocks of earthquake.

December 15.—Sale of leases Dunedin Town Belt. Opposition.

December 16.—Disastrous fire at Tokomairiro: 7 horses burned.

December 20.—Provincial Council prorogued to be dissolved.

December 21.—Schooner "Clarendon" wrecked at Moeraki.

December 27.—Taieri Agricultural Society's Annual Show.

December 29.—Volunteer Encampment at Kaikorai.