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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 32



January 2.—Caledonian Society Games: Recreation Grounds North; Grand Stand 360 feet long. Oddfellows at Vauxhall.

January 6.—Enthusiastic Separation Meeting at Princess Theatre.

January 10.—Horticultural Society Show.

January 11.—Laughable hoax at midnight announcing arrival of Governor.

January 12.—New Zealand Exhibition opened by J. H. Harris, Esq., Superintendent; First Intercolonial Cattle Show, North Re-creation Grounds.

January 13.—J. P. Taylor elected Superintendent of Southland.

January 15.—Fire in Stafford street, man burnt to death.

January 18.—Large comet observed in south-west. Soiree Total Abstainers' Union.

January 19.—Fire in Hope street.

January 20.—Annual meeting of Athenæum and Mechanics Institute.

January 23.—Lyster's Opera Company, second series.

January 24.—Great fire, Princes street: Original First Church, Bank of Otago, £25,000.

January 25.—Annual meeting of Ayrshire Association of Otago.

February 5.—Great Northern Hotel, Invercargill, burned.

February 6 & 7.—Cricket match, Canterbury and Otago, at Christchurch.

page 117

February 8.—Separation meeting, Princess Theatre, for opinion of Representatives, adjourned till 20th inst.; Great fire, Octagon and Princes street, £11,000.

February 11.—Foundation of All Saints' Church laid.

February 16.—Opening of First Church new building.

February 22.—Bazaar in aid of Baptist Church: £600, four days.

February 24.—Volunteer ball in Universal Bond.

March 8.—Murder of David Stewart at Mataura.

March 13.—Former election being informal, J. P. Taylor reelected Superintendent of Southland. Barque "Gazehound" wrecked at Oamaru.

March 15.—Another fire in Octagon: Henry & Co., Telegraph Hotel, &c., £15,000; First trial of Captain Jarvey commenced, for poisoning his wife. Jury discharged, not agreeing on verdict: Trial lasted seven days.

March 18.—M.P.C. Manuherikia: M'Pherson, 29, (Bell 6).

March 23.—Seventeenth anniversary of the Province.

March 29.—Murder of "German Charlie," in Alva street, Dunedin.

April 6, 7, 8.—Dunedin races at Silver Stream.

April 8.—M.H.R. Bruce County: Burns, 102; (Dyer, 78.)

April 12.—Twentieth session Provincial Council in Farley's Hall; M.P.C. Matau, Bell.

April 13.—Ordinance dissolving Dunedin Town Board, and appointing Commissioners passed through all its stages, and received His Honor's assent same day; Town Board met and appointed Committee of Action to keep possession of the office and papers; Execution levied by the Sheriff on the Province of Southland for £10,000.

April 17.—Committee of Action met, locked up safe and doors, entrusting keys to Mr Bastings for safe keeping.

April 18.—Formal demand made by solicitor to Commission for key.

April 19.—First Provincial Grand Master of the Colony under S.C. initiated.

April 21.—Meeting of ratepayers in St George's Hall denouncing the Provincial Council for "executing the Town Board." Com page 118 missioners resigned. Board resolved to keep the keys. Steamer "Tuapeka" brought round from Clutha to Dunedin.

May 6.—New Zealand Exhibition closed.

May 8.—New Commissioners appointed, Forman, Bastings, and Grey, having the keys in possession.

May 12.—Provincial Council suddenly adjourned from danger of the building. A false alarm.

May 15.—Telegraph between Dunedin and Invercargill opened.

May 22.—Telegraph between Dunedin and Christchurch opened.

May 24.—Queen's birthday: Regatta at Port Chalmers. Presentation of colors to Port Naval Brigade.

May 25.—Supreme Court in Banco—affairs of Southland.

May 27.—Slight earthquake: Southland, £20,000 worth of railway plant sold under execution for £273.

May 29.—M.H.R. Goldfields: Haughton, 237; (Bradshaw, 149; Campbell, 130.)

June 3.—Paddle steamer "City of Dunedin lost."

June 7.—10th session of Provincial Council, Southland.

June 10.—J. H. Harris resigned Superintendence.

June 17.—Public meeting as to relief of sufferers in "City of Dunedin."

June 19.—Second trial of Jarvey for wife-poisoning commenced. Adjourned till next session, Dr. M'Adam not being able to attend.

July 11.—Night attack on Dunedin: Volunteer corps.

July 14.—Taieri Ploughing Match.

July 15.—Nomination for Superintendency: Dick, Clapcott, M'Glashan

July 17.—Nomination for first Mayor of Dunedin: Forman, Mason, Paterson, Wilson, M'Gregor.

July 21.—Mayoral election: Mason, 494; (Paterson, 398; M'Gregor, 88; Wilson, 73; Forman, 10.)

July 22.—Foundation of Benevolent Institution laid.

July 23.—All Saints' Church opened.

July 25.—Discovery of Quartz reefs at Skippers and Arrow.

July 26.—M.H.R. Bruce County: Macandrew, 207; (J. Cargill, 34.)

July 28.—Great Blast at Blue Spur.

August 1.—First City Council, Dunedin, election: South Ward, page 119 Chalmers, 186; Griffin, 176; (Crate, 70.) High Ward, Barr, 253; Carrick, 249; (Langlands, 145.) Bell Ward, Ross, 244; Birch, 122; (Lovell, 85; Sholl, 77; Smith, 71.) Leith Ward, Driver, 195; Turner, 168; (Barnes, 136; Copeland, 63; Wilson, 24.)

August 4.—Election of Superintendent: Dick, 990; (M'Glashan, 565; Clapcott, retired.) Dog Island lighthouse illuminated for first time.

August 6.—First meeting of City Council.

August 16.—Severe thunder storm, Lakes district.

August 20.—Third anniversary of Fire Brigade.

September 11.—Second trial of Jarvey for wife-poisoning commenced, finishing on 15th: prisoner condemned.

October 5.—Southern Steam Navigation Company formed.

October 11.—M.P.C., Dunedin: Grant,. 433; Haggitt, 418; (Mason, 291; Birch, 226.)

October 24.—First execution in Otago: Jarvey.

October 27.—M.P.C.: Clyde, Isaacs; Wakatip, Maddock; Tuapeka, Brown.

November 1.—M.P.C.: Queenstown District, Haughton, 51; (Manders, 14.)

November 9.—Prince of Wales birthday: Holiday.

November 15.—Twenty-first session Provincial Council. Banquet to W. H. Reynolds, Esq. H.M. c.s.s. Victoria, Commander Norman, at Port Chalmers. Banquet to Messrs Macandrew and Burns, M.H.R.'s, at Clutha.

November 17.—Meeting of Assembly of Presbyterian Church.

December 18.—11th session of Provincial Council, Southland.

December 23.—Foundation stone of Oamaru Jetty laid.

December 25.—Appointment of Bishop Jenner to See of Dunedin announced.

December 27.—Fancy Fair in aid of Benevolent Institution.

December 29.—Scene in Provincial Council: Mr Lloyd, sole Executive.