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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 32



January 1.—First Grand Gathering Caledonian Society on Grange Estate; Vauxhall Garden opened with sports; p.s. "Lady of the Lake" launched at Pelichet Bay.

January 4.—Cobb's coach made journey from Dunstan in one-day. Barque "Time and Truth" wrecked at Bluff; 2000 sheep-lost.

January 11.—Disastrous fire at Dunstan.

January 12.—p.s. "Golden Age" arrived from Melbourne.

January 15.—Sitting of Supreme Court: Mr Justice Richmond Resident Judge.

January 19.—Ship "Ben Lomond" arrived from Glasgow.

January 23.—Complimentary dinner to Major Richardson at Dunstan.

February 4.—Fire in Princes street (Butements).

February 5.—Tairoa, Maori Chief, died; Taieri Agricultural Show.

February 7.—Provincial Council dissolved by proclamation.

February 12.—Ship "John Duncan" arrived from London.

February 22.—4th session Provincial Council, Southland.

February 27.—Garriek Club performance in aid of Lancashire Relief Fund: £113 taken.

March 4.—New Zealand Champion and Otago Jockey Club Races at Silverstream: Champion winner Ladybird, Prize, £1000, with sweeps; time, 5 min. 52½ sees.; distance, 3 miles.

March 5.—Northern Agricultural and Pastoral Society formed at Oamaru.

March 19.—Return of Hector's West Coast Expedition.

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March 20.—Ship "Arima" arrived from Glasgow.

March 23.—Fifteenth Anniversary of Province. Regatta in Dunedin Bay. p.s. "Planet" wrecked Taieri mouth. Murder of "Yorky" at Miller's Flat.

March 28.—M.H.R. Dunedin and Suburbs North: Major Richardson.

April 6.—M.H.R. Dunedin and Suburbs South: Reynolds, 77; (Vogel, 31; Cutten, 11).

April 9.—Election of Superintendent: Harris, 560; (Richardson, 432).

April 13.—Barque "Charlotte Andrews" from San Francisco; ship "Gladiator" from New York.

April 14.—M.H.R. Goldfields: Baldwin and Brodie unopposed. April 17.—Fire in Princes street at Jones and Williamson's

April 19.—Ship "Silistria" arrived from Glasgow.

April 20.—Stern-wheel steamer "Tuapeka" launched at Port Chalmers.

April 22.—Acting Provincial Executive gazetted.

May 1.—First number of Evening Star issued.

May 5.—District Surveyor M'Kerrow's Recognaissance survey of Lake district published.

May 9.—Gas lit for first time in Dunedin from Gas Works.

May 22 Provincial Council elections, 35 members: Waikari: Hepburn, 22; (Junor, 8). North Harbor: Cargill, 39; Duncan, 33; (M'Glashan, 23; Duke, 16). Dunedin: Dick, 302; Reynolds, 261; Birch, 241; Cargill, 240; Moss, 238; Kilgour, 235; Paterson, 165; (Webb, 150; Redmayne, 135; Switzer, 132; Vogel, 114; Walker, 57). Green Island and Caversham: Lloyd, 31; Blair, 26; (M'Glashan, 23; Martin, 16). Lindis: Walker. Port Chalmers: Macandrew, 27; (Taylor, 11). Wailiola: Mollison. Tokomairiro: Dewe, 52; Gillies, 47; Hardy, 43; (Adam, 34). Clutha: Richardson, Steele, and M'Kenzie. Waikouaiti: Vogel, 21; (M'Glashan, 16). Manuherikia: Murison. Goldfields: Baldwin, Brodie, Hughes. Taieri: Stevenson, 85; Reid, 79; Bums, 77; Rennie, 72; (Shand, 72; Howorth, 34; Shand, 24). Oamaru Country: Gleeson. Oamaru Town: Miller. Matau: Mansford. Peninsula: Morris. Wakatipu: Pinkerton.

May 25.—Queen's Birthday holiday. Christening Fire-Brigade page 112 bell. Loyal Dunedin Lodge, M.U., I.O.O.F. Ball. Regatta, Port Chalmers.

May 29.—Caple's successful penetration to the West Coast from Lake Wakatip announced. Tokomairiro Presbyterian Church opened.

June 4.—Ship "Electric" arrived from Glasgow.

June 5.—Slight earthquake felt.

June 8.—Detachment of 70th Regiment left Dunedin.

June 12.—Foundation of Bank of Australasia laid.

June 20.—M.H.R. Dunedin and Suburbs South: Paterson, 105; (Vogel, 72).

June 22.—Fire at the Courthouse.

Ship "Prince of Wales" arrived from London.

June 30.—Prince of Wales' marriage celebrated.

July 3.—Ship "Motoaka" arrived from London.

July 4.—Collision in the Harbor: Steamers "Favorite" and "Pride of the Yarrow;" Rev. H. Campbell, Rector of the High School, wife, five children, and two servants, who had previous day arrived from London, drowned.

July 9.—Great floods at Dunstan, Arrow, &c.

July 12.—Ship "Victory" arrived from Glasgow.

July 18.—Amount of subscription to English and Scottish District Relief Fund, £2835 3s 1½d.'

July 21.—Daily Times publishes list of electors who voted at Port Chalmers election.

July 24.—Taieri Agricultural Society's Annual Ploughing Match.

July 25.—Ship "Wave Queen" arrived from Glasgow.

July 30.—Second disastrous flood, Shotover and Arrow.

July 31.—Annual Ploughing Match at Green Island.

August 4.—Opening of the High School.

August 5.—Trial trip of stern-wheel steamer "Tuapeka,"

August 12.—Seventeenth session of Provincial Council.

August 13.—Ship "Ocean Home" arrived from London.

August 15.—Loss of life by an avalanche at Serpentine Gully.

August 18.—Case of Sticking up at Woodney's Hotel, Hogburn.

September 1.—Ship "City of Dunedin" arrived from Glasgow. Ships "Crimea and Dudbrook" from London.

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September 3.—First lighting of Dunedin streets with gas.

September 4.—Ship "Mallard" arrived from London. First escort from Mount Ida arrived in town. M.H.R. Dunedin and Suburbs North: Vogel unopposed.

September 6.—M.P.C. Waihola: Mollison, 20; (Dyer, 18).

September 13.—Ship "Sir Ralph Abercrombie" from London.

September 15.—Ship "Mataura" from Glasgow. Schooner "Highland Lassie" wrecked in New River.

September 16.—Seizure of effects of Dunedin Town Board by the bailiff under a distress levy.

September 26.—Oamaru Ploughing Match. Police-Sergeant Garvey perished in snow storm at Mount Ida.

October 6.—Mr Vogel, M.P.C. for Waikouaiti, censured by the Council for contempt.

October 8.—Return of Dr. Hector from West Coast Expedition.

October 10.—5th session of Provincial Council, Southland.

October 13.—Ship "Phoebe Dunbar" from London.

October 14.—West Taieri Goldfields announced.

October 27.—First appearance of Miss Julia Matthews.

November 3.—Wreck of brig "Lochinvar" at Port William.

November 9.—Prince of Wales Birthday celebrated.

November 10.—Ship "Nelson" arrived from Glasgow.

November 12.—Ship "Persian" arrived from London.

November 23.—Oamaru proclaimed a warehousing port.

November 25.—First sod of Oreti Railway turned. Ship "Star of Tasmania" arrived from London. Ship "Chile" arrived from London, p.s. "City of Dunedin" arrived from Glasgow.

November 26.—Ship "Dauntless" arrived from London. Local Fire and Marine Insurance Company projected.

November 30.—Ship "General Wyndham" arrived from London.

December 2.—First meeting of New Zealand Building and Mutual Investment Society.

December 5.—Ship "Viola" arrived from Glasgow; ship Daniel Rankin" arrived from Glasgow.

December 8.—Bank of Otago opened.

December 12.—New Zealand Banking Corporation opened. Cricketing Match: 11 Victoria v. 11 Dunedin; Dunedin won. p.s. "Peninsula" launched.

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December 22.—Ship "Bombay" arrived from Clyde.

December 26.—Cricket Match and Games Recreation Grounds South.