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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 32



January 2.—Union Bank of Australia opened.

January 3.—First Brewery started.

January 9.—£8 fixed as upset price of quarter-acre section, Invercargill.

January 14.—Ship "Mariner" arrived from London.

January 24.—Province proclaimed divided into Counties of Brace and Wallace.

January 26.—Bums' anniversary celebrated.

February 2.—First Mail from Dunedin to Waitangi and to Invercargill.

February 3.—Ship "William and James" arrived from London.

February 9.—Requisition to Mr. Reynolds, M.P.C., to resign; reply, refusing; leaving for Britain.

February. 20.—Brig "Worthington" wrecked, Stewart's Island.

February 15.—Tokomairiro Church opened.

March 20.—First sale of lands, Invercargill.

March 27.—Ship "John Masterman" arrived from London.

April 3.—M.P.C. Eastern District: Young, 40; (Houden, 31).

April 16.—Ship "Maori" arrived from London.

April 18.—Ship "Dunedin" arrived from London: brought to anchor in Dunedin Bay.

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June 19.—Discovery of ancient coin at Flannagan's.

June 26.—Amount transmitted to Patriotic Fund, £485 8s.

July 7.—M.P.C. Central District: Stevenson, 40; (Shand, 28).

August 28.—M.P.C. Dunedin: Cutten, 69; (Lambert, 39).

September 8.—M.P.C. Western District: Purdie, 40; (Lang-lands, 30).

September 11.—Colonist enlarged.

September 21.—Ship "Lord Hardinge" arrived from London.

October 14.—Death of P. Proudfoot, Chief Commissioner and Treasurer.

October 28.—Third Session Provincial Council: Superintendent's address repudiated by Executive.

November 2.—M.P.C. Eastern District: Lambert, 37; (Howarth, 22).

November 14.—Row about the money chest. "Southern Cross" arrived from London.

November 26.—Ship "Bosworth" arrived from London.

November 30.—Ship "George Canning" arrived from London.

December 5.—£500 offered for discovery of a goldfield.

December 24.—Second Annual Ploughing Match, Tokomairiro.