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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 32



January 1.—Cricket Match, Fisher's Side v. Harris' Side: Harris won, 9 wickets to go down.

January 10.—Joint Stock Sheep Company formed.

January 19.—Otago Maine Law League formed.

January 25.—Burns' anniversary celebrated by a dinner.

March 12.—Public meeting on the land question in Tokomairiro approving 10s. per acre as price of rural land, with 40s. improvement clause. Dr. Schmidt starts on his exploration journey of the Province.

March 29.—Public meeting in Dunedin with same result as at Tokomairiro.

April 9.—Ship "Simlah" arrived from London.

May 31.—Custom House, Port Chalmers, broken into and safe carried away; recovered down the coast, contents safe—about £1,400.

June 1.—Meeting in aid of Patriotic Fund.

July 16.—Coal reported as discovered in Tokomairiro.

August 20.—First Town Board for Dunedin elected: nine member's.

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September 3.—"Gil Blas" arrived with first immigrants from Victoria.

September 15.—Provincial Council dissolved by Proclamation.

October 21.—Dunedin Gaol burned: it contained one prisoner, who wrought hard to save the building.

November 17.—Captain Cargill elected Superintendent second time unopposed.

November 23.—M.P.C. for Dunedin: Kilgour, 53; Harris, 51; Rennie, 49; Reynolds, 47; Cutten, 45; (Proudfoot, 44; Smith, 36; Carnegie, 36; Shaw, 9.)

November 26.—M.P.C. Eastern District: Adam,; Martin, Proudfoot, (Kirkland,; Jeffcoat,). No poll.

November 26.—M.P.C. for Western District: Hepburn, 38; M'Glashan, 37; Smith, 37; (Robertson, 16).

November 30.—M.P.C. for Central District: Macandrew, 28; Lee, 24; Burns, 23; (Fulton, 16; Shand, 15).

December 4.—M.P.C. for Tokomairiro District: J. Cargill; Southern District: Shaw and Anderson.

December 9.—M.P.C. for Port Chalmers: Mansford; Northern District: Williams.

December 11.—M.H.R. Dunedin Country District: J. Cargill and Captain Cargill unopposed; Town of Dunedin: J. Macandrew unopposed.

December 22.—Witness complains of having only 210 subscribers out of a population of nearly 3,000, and that its predecessor, the News, was starved out.

Return for 1855—Births, 91; Deaths, 13; Marriages, 37.