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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 32



January 3.—Mechanics' Institute opened: Grecian-Doric style of architecture.

January 14.—First sale of land outside Otago block; 150 acres sold in three lots.

February 16.—Population, 1,752.

February 26.—Ship "Tasmania" arrived from London.

February 28.—Boundaries of Province proclaimed.

March 6.—Ship "Royal Albert" arrived from London. Customs' boat capsized coming from Port Chalmers; collector lost £130 in gold.

March 12.—Nineteen Magistrates in Otago, being one J.P. to every 20 male adults.

March 15.—Otago Property Investment Company formed.

April 2.—First anniversary Fair and Market in Dunedin.

April 6.—Dinner to Captain Cargill, leader and founder of the Settlement; 214 present.

April 16.—Proclamation of Otago as a Province, with Superintendent and Provincial Council.

April 30.—North-east Valley Bridge completed.

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July 5.—Meeting of Justices to revise list of claimants for Electoral Roll. Decided the Maoris should not be entitled to register as freeholders.

July 16.—Otago Union Meal Mills projected.

July 20.—Ship "Maori" arrived from London.

July 27.—Pasturage regulations, land sales, and timber licenses.

September 6.—Captain Cargill elected unanimously as first Superintendent.

September 20.—M.P.C., Town of Dunedin: Cutten, 54; Adam, 50; Rennie, 39; (Robertson, 33; Mollison, 18).

September 28.—M.P.C., Country District: Harris, 146; Macandrew, 118; Reynolds, 114; Gillies, 111; Anderson, 97; M'Glashan, 94; (Smith, 86; Chalmers, 79; Shand, 76).

September 29.—Members of Assembly, Dunedin: J. Macandrew unopposed.

October 1.—Members of Assembly, Country District: J. Cargill W. H. Cutten, unopposed.

October 3.—Sale of land by Natives southward of Otago completed at Port Chalmers, documents signed, and first instalment of money paid.

October 8.—Ship "Rajah" arrived from London.

October 21.—Welcome dinner to John M'Glashan, Esq.

November 19.—Preliminary meeting of the Provincial Council Difficulty in the way.

December 10.—Ship "Carnatic" arrived from London.

December 30.—Provincial Council opened; nine members; first session commenced—ended, 25th April, 1854.