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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 32



January 7.—Public meeting to review the state of affairs of the Settlement

January 22.—Trial: Justice Stephen v. Mansford, Graham, and Webb: "conspiracy." Mansford v. Stephen: assault. Barge, "Bon Accord," launched. Threatened duel between Dr. Manning and Justice Stephen.

February 7.—Meeting of Bench to consider proclaiming District of Otago into Hundreds. Ship "Columbus" arrived from London.

February 16.—Public meeting anent the Constitution of New Zealand.

March 1.—Ship "Maori" arrived from London.

March 3.—Mr. Justice Stephen and family left Dunedin.

March 8.—Public meeting to establish an opposition newspaper.

March 23.—Fourth anniversary celebrated. Horse races.

April 3.—Births incessant; marriages numerous; deaths, few.

April 26.—Public meeting to consider the state of the roads.

May 4.—Ship "Agra" arrived from London. Bench of Magistrates decided, by a majority, that the reporters should be for ever excluded from their meetings.

May 13.—Bench of Magistrates, by a majority, censured Mr. Reynolds for reporting the proceedings against the decision of last meeting.

May 13.—Proclamation abolishing Supreme Court sittings in Otago.

June 1.—Sitting of the Supreme Court announced; 36 jurymen summoned and attended; again no business—this time no Judge.

June 7.—Proclamation to register a body of electors for Dunedin Town and Country Districts.

August 8.—Wreck of the Schooner "Amazon," at the Bluff, reported.

August 9.—Proclamation determining number of members for page 96 Provincial Council of New Munster, Otago: Town of Dunedin, 1; Dunedin Country, 2.

September 1.—Melee on public street: J.P.'s figure largely.

September 21.—Bench of Magistrates to decide on Registration claims.

September 25.—W. H. Valpy, Esq., J.P., died at Forbury.

October 7.—Ship "Persia" arrived from London.

October 30.—Pending the obtaining a Charter for the Bank, Messrs. Macandrew and Co. requested to issue short dated Promissory Notes.

November 6.—Petition to Governor against such a procedure. Rejoicings on receipt of the New Constitution.

November 9.—Ship "Slain's Castle" arrived from London.

November 23.—Ship "Stately" arrived from London.

November 25.—Public meeting to establish a weekly produce market.