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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 31

Education Ordinance (Southland) Repeal Ordinance 1870

page 16

Education Ordinance (Southland) Repeal Ordinance 1870.

3. The several Ordinances of the Superintendent and Provincial Council of the Province of Otago specified in the Second Schedule hereto shall be and the same are hereby extended to that part of the Province of Otago which before the coining into operation of the Otago and Southland Union Act 1870 was included in the Province of Southland and from and after the passing of this Ordinance the said Ordinances respectively shall be in force and operation throughout the whole of the Province of Otago as constiby the said Act [viz.:—Education Ordinance 1884; Education Ordinance 1864 Amendment Ordinance 1865; Grammar Schools Ordinance 1869].

4. The management and administration of the lands specified in the respective Schedules annexed to the several Ordinances of the Superintendent and Provincial Council of the late Province of Southland specified in the third Schedule hereto shall be carried on and conducted by the "Otago Education Board" established under and by the Education Ordinance 1864 or by any Board or Committee to which the powers duties and authorities vested in the said Otago Education Board may be transferred by any Ordinance of the Province of Otago [viz.:—Education Reserves Ordinance 1862; Educational Endowments (Rural) Ordinance 1863; Collegiate Reserves Ordinance 1863].

Note.—Every application or Memorial to the Education Board for aid Cowards the Establishment and Maintenance of a School should be signed by Householders within a reasonable distance of the proposed School according to the following form:—

Signature of MemorialistsProfession or OccupationNo. of Children in Family under 4 years. No. of Children in Family between 4 and 14 years No. of Children in Family that would attend SchoolDistance from nearest existing SchoolDistance from proposed School

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