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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 31

Class Prizes

Class Prizes.

These prizes are awarded for excellence in all the subjects taught in the class. They are decided by the marks obtained during the whole session, along with the monthly and quarterly examination marks.

Dux of whole school—H. Halliwell, Chamber of Commerce, gold medal.

page 6

Dux of Classical side—W. D. Milne, gold medal.

Dux of Lower School—F. W. Bayley, silver medal.

Lower School—First Form.
A Division. B. Division.
1. Gordon Maitland 1. James Morris
2. William McGill 2. Crosby Morris
George Moodie
Second Form.
Lower Classical. Modern.
1. Charles Butterworth 1. W. Brent, equal
Ch. Brent, equal
Upper Classical. upper Modern.
1. W. Allan. 1. A. Simpson.
2. James Borrie. 2. A. Smith.
Third Form.
Classical. Modern.
1. W. J. Bannatyne 1. F. W. Bayley, medal.
2. W. Palmer. 2. D. Reid.
Upper School—Fourth Form.
Classical. Modern.
1. Peter Lindsay. 1. J. W. Salmond
2. James Johnstone. 2. R. Forsyth.
Fifth Form.
Classical. Modern.
1. W. D. Milne, medal. 1. H. Halliwell, medal.
2. Alexander Montgomery. 2. A. Purdie.

Special Prizes.—Upper School.

  • Classics—High School Club's prize, W. D. Milne.
  • Arithmetic—Chamber of Commerce Silver Medal—B. Todd.
  • Mathematics—Mr. Wilkie's prize, W. D. Milne,
  • English—The Mayor's prize, A. Purdie.
  • History—Mrs. Burn's prize, James Cargill.
  • French and German—Mr. Joel's prize, Herbert Halliwell.
  • Mapping—Mr. Billies' prize, Frank Clapperton.
  • Geography—Mr. Billies' prize, Herbert Halliwell.
  • Science—Mr. Soloinon's prize, A. Montgomery.
  • Science—Extra Prize—J. C. Nichols.
  • Prizes for Natural History Collections, presented by Captain Hutton—1st; A. Purdie; 2nd. J. C. Nichols.
  • Writing—Charles Wilson, Mr. Pain's prize.
  • Drawing—Mr. Hodgkins' prizes: Mechanical Drawing, A. Rutherford; Freehand, W. Finch.

Special Prizes—Lower School.

1st Form.

  • Arithmetic—Philip Joel.
  • Geography—Hemy Butterworth.page 7
  • Elocution—James Anderson.

2nd Form.

  • Arithmetic—Mr. Burt's prize, Alexander Simpson.
  • Arithmetic—High School Club's prize, W. Allan.

3rd Form.

  • Latin—High School Club's prize, William J. Bannatyne.
  • English—The Mayor's prize, David Reid.
  • French—Mr. Joel's prize, Fred. Bayley.
  • French—Extra prize, Alfred Brown.
  • History—Mr. Graham's prize, Fred. Bayley.
  • Geography—Mr. Billies' prize, David Reid.
  • Mapping—Mr. Billies' prize, David Reid.
  • Mathematics—Mr. Wilkie's prize, Fred. Bayley.
  • Arithmetic—Chamber of Commerce Silver Medal, A. Hamann.
  • Arithmetic—Special Prize—Fred. Bayley.
  • Science—Mr. Keith's prize, Peter Barr.
  • Music—Miss Bell's prize, Fred. Bayley.

Writing.—1st Form.

  • Gordon Maitland.
  • James Burt.

2nd Form.

  • Leonard Hardy.
  • Cecil Branigan.

3rd Form.

  • Fred. Bayley—Mr. J. S. Webb's silver pen.
  • John Oliver.

Athletic Sports, Caledonian Grounds.

  • John Reid, Champion Runner, silver cup, presented by Messrs. Cargill and Harris.
  • Walter Finch, silver Cup, 220 yards, handicap hurdle race.
  • Walter Finch, silver pencil, drop kick.
  • Walter Finch, gold studs, hop, seep and jump.
  • William Falconer, silver cull, 100 yards handicap flat race
  • James Bathgate, silver cup, consolation race, boys under 12, 1st prize.
  • A. Campbell, silver cup, consolation race, boys above 12.
  • Robert Rutherford, medal, running high leap.
  • C. Cantrell, silver pencil-case, consolation race, boys under 12, and prize.
  • A. Trotter, silver medal, thrce-legged race, 220 yards.
  • A. M. Reid, silver medal, three-legged race, 220 yards.
  • W. Finch, 2nd, silver medal, 22o yards handicap flat race.
  • Frank Clapperton, and, silver medal, half-mile handicap flat race.
  • W. Stewart, ex-pupil, silver medal, running high leap.page 8
  • W. Finch, silver medal, throwing the cricket ball.
  • William Kingswell, silver pencil, consolation race, boys above 12, and prize.
  • Mr. Norman's prize, r mile walking race—Gold medal, A. Reid.

Teinnis Prizes.—Senior.

1.W. Crawshaw (champion cup).
2.D. Shand (silver medal).


1.C. Rattray.
2.R. Austin.

Richardson Medals.—High School Artillery Cadets—1st, Sergeant E. H. Burn (medal); and, Sergeant, J. C. Nichols; 3rd, Lieutenant Shand; 4th, Sergeant-Major Finch; 5th, Lieutenant Reid. Rifle Cadets: 1st, G. M'Dermid; and, H. B. Todd; 3rd, J. Wain; 4th, C. Rainton; 5th, A. Smith.

Gymnastic Prizes.—First Form: 1st, R. Wheeler, Maltese cross; and, G. Maitland, silver pencil; 3rd, J. Anderson, silver pencil. Second Form: 1st, Job Wain, silver pencil; and, R. Austin and C. Brent, silver pencil, equal.

Certificates for 75 per cent. Marks in any Subject.—English Peter Barr, William Reynolds, Thomas Marshall, James Cargill, Henry Hay, Henry Butterworth, O. Kempthorne, Walter Barker, C. Black, Percival Campbell Barker. Latin: Gerald Baldwin, Godfrey Baldwin, Albert Park, Charles Nichols, James Cow, William Brown. Writing: John Norman, Alfred Joel, William Sievwright, Herbert Park, Richard Lees, Frank Kettle, Alexander Simpson, Robert Austin, C. Martin, William M`Gill, Andrew Secular, Fred. Smith, Adlert Weldon, Herbert Fulton, James Reid. Mathematics: Robert Rutherford, E. Joel, Albert Stohr, Peter Lindsay, James Allan. French: W. Blyth, Fred. Smith, W. Stronach, Alfred Brown, P. Bur, Alexander Bagley, James Bathgate, C. Butterworth, P. Wales. English and Latin: J. W. Salmond, Frank Clapperton. English, French, and Science: Alexander Purdie. English, Classics, Mathematics, and French: Alexander Todd. English, Classics, and Science: Alexander Montgomery. English, Classics, and Mathematics William Milne. English, Mathematics, French, and Science Herbert Halliwell. Mathematics and French : A. Joel. English and Mathematics : Walter Palmer, James Norman, C. Alridge. English, Mathematics, French, and Latin: W. Bannatyne. Latin, Science, and French: William Allan. French and Arithmetic Louis Joel. Arithmetic: John Borrie. Latin and Fiends: James Wales, H. Harvey. Mathematics, French, and Science: Alexander Simpson.