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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 31

Prize List for 1876

Prize List for 1876.

Dux of School—Gold Medal, Miss I. L. Gillies.

A Class—2nd prize, Misses M. Montgomery and E. Little, equal. Certificates for 75 per cent. mark: Section A, 1000 marks—Grammar, Milton, Composition, French, and German—Misses Gillies, Little, Montgomery, Banks, Begg, F. Ross, J. Cairns. Section 8oo marks—Mathematics and Astronomy—Misses Gillies, Little, Montgomery, and Banks. Section C, 600 marks—History and Geography.—Misses Gillies, Little, Montgomery, Banks, Begg, and Hay. Writing—Miss Sidey. Drawing—1st, Miss E. Grant; and, Misses Ross and Warren (equal).

B Class.—Dux—Silver medal, Miss Sophia Gifford; and prize, Miss Jane Couper. Certificates for 75 per cent. marks: Section A, page 10 700 marks—Grammar, Etymology, Composition, and French—Misses Gifford, M. Alves, Findlay, Murray, A. Campbell, Woolfe, Kempthorne, Nicholls, Kirkland, Johnston, Grant, K. Section B, 800 marks—Arithmetic, Algebra, Science, History, and Geography—Misses Gifford, Couper, and Johnston. Writing—Miss J. Findlay.

C Class—Dux—Silver medal, Miss Flora Allan; 2nd prize, Miss C. Little. Certificates for 75 per cent. marks: Section A, 500 marks—Grammar, Etymology, Composition, and French—Misses F. Allan, C. Little, K. Ogilvie, E. Purdie, J McNeill, M. Mackerras, H. Levi, K. Oliver, A. Stephenson, E. Alexander, and E. Leary. Section B, 600 marks—History, Geography, Botany, and Arithmetic—Miss F. Allan. Writing—1st prize, Miss Grace Joel; 2nd, Miss E. Leary.

D Class.—Dux—Silver medal, Miss A. Hutton; and prize, Miss F. Roberts. Certificates for 75 per cent, marks in all subjects Misses A. Hutton, Roberts, M'Donald, Goldie, E. Marsden. Writing—Miss J. Gow.

E Class.—1st prize, Miss M. Hutton. Certificate, Miss L. Watson.

Special Prizes.—A Class: Mathematical dux, Miss E. Little. Science prize, Miss M. Montgomery. Essay, Miss E. Grant. Mapping, Miss E. Little. French class work, Miss A. Davies. improvement, Miss F. Ross. French and German, A 1, Miss M. Montgomery. German, A 2, Miss J. Smeaton. B Class—Science, Miss S. Gifford. Essay—1st prize, Miss F. Isaccs; and prize, Miss B. Nicholls and Miss E. Jones (equal). Mapping : 1st prize, Miss K. Sperrey; and prize, Miss A. Branigan. French improvement, Miss B. Nicholls. C Class—French class-work, Miss Barr. Neatness in home exercises, Miss S. Jamieson. D Class—Trench improvement, Misses B. Reith and E Marsden. Neatness in home exercises Misses M. Kempthorne and Crawshaw. Industry, Miss Edith Reid. E Class (French)—French improvement, Miss M. Mackerras.

Moral Education Prize.—Miss Dalrymple's Victoria prizes for diligence, punctuality, and attention—Miss R. Woolfe, Upper School; Miss M. M'Neill, Lower School. Fanny prizes for gentleness, kindness, and courtesy (adjudged by votes of the pupils)—Miss F. Ross, tipper School; Miss C. Little, Lower School, Given by Mrs. Burn for constant kindly help to her companions and steady attention to school duties, Miss Meta Ross. Improvement prize, Miss H. Levi. For diligence and general improvement, by Sir J. L. C. Richardson—A class: Miss J. Hay; B class: Miss A. Campbell.

Music Prizes.—Mrs. White's: Misses Hay, Warren Bowler, Orbell, Nicholls, E. Marsden. Mrs. Wilmott's: Misses I. and A. Gillies, Branigan, and Nixon. Miss Bell's: Misses H. Mackerras A. Kempthorn e and A. Campbell: Miss Browne's: Miss Reith. Mr. Towsey's: Misses Ethel Jones and K. Harris (equal). Special prize for fretwork (given by Mrs. Browne): Miss Annie M. Burn.