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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 31

General School Arrangements

General School Arrangements.

Examinations are held monthly, and also quarterly, in all the classes, and prizes are awarded at the end of the session by the results-of these.

Reports are sent quarterly to the parents, containing the average percentage of marks obtained by the pupils. These reports are intended to assist parents in judging the average progress that has been made by their children during the quarter.

Prizes,—The ordinary class prizes arc awarded at the end of the season for proficiency in all the subjects of study; and, in addition, special prizes are granted to those in the Upper and lower Schools who have obtained the highest marks in each section into which the school work is divided.

Certificates of Merit are given to all who obtain 75 per cent, of marks in any one section.

When any pupil has been absent, she must, on her return, produce a note signed by her parents or guardian explaining the cause of her absence; and no pupil is allowed to leave during school hours without a similar note.

Besides the usual Public Holidays, a fortnight's recess is given at midwinter, and six weeks at Christmas.

The Lady Principal is always glad to see parents or guardians if they have any communication to make to her concerning their children.