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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 31

Prospectus of the Girls' High School

Prospectus of the Girls' High School.

Lady PrincipalMrs. M. G. Burn.


Higher English, Science, and Mathematics Mr. R. Peattie, M.A.
English Miss E. M. Huie.
English Miss M. E. Smith.
English Miss Mary McGregor.
French and German Miss Huie.
Class Singing Mr. G. M. Thomson.
Writing Mr. J. Gow.
Drawing Mr. D. Hutton, assisted by Miss Agnes Wright and Mr. A. Anderson.
Needlework Mrs. W. W. Browne.
Drill Sergeant-Major Stevens.

Teachers of Extra Classes.

Music Mrs. T. White, Mrs. Wilmot, Miss Beli, Miss Browne, Mr. A. J. Towsey.
Singing Mrs. T: White and Mr. Towsey.
Ornamental Work (Was and Paper Flowers Leatherwork, Fretwork, and Woodcarving) Mrs. W. W. Browne.
Dancing and Calisthenics Mr. Kelly.
Gymnastics and Calisthenics Mr. W. B. Long.
Dressmaking Mrs. Long.
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The object of this institution is to impart to girls a thoroughly useful and liberal education.

The ordinary course of instruction will comprise a thorough English education, viz.:—Reading, Grammar, Composition, Geography, History, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Natural Science, Writing; also French, German, Class Singing, Drawing, and Needlework.

Competent Visiting Teachers are engaged for Music; Singing (private lessons), Dancing, Gymnastics, Dressmaking, and Ornamental Work.

Terms (Strictly Payable in Advance):

Day pupils (ordinary, course), Senior Classes £2 10 0 per quarter.
Day pupils (ordinary, course), Junior Classes 2 0 0 per quarter.
Day Boarders (extra) 3 0 0 per quarter.
Resident hoarders. (including washing, but exclusive of Day School Fee) 13 2 6 per quarter.
Weekly Boarders (without washing) 10 10 0 per quarter.
Stationery (including Slates, Pens, Ink, Blotting and Examination Paper 0 2 6 per quarter.


Piano—Mrs. T. White 4 4 0 per quarter.
Piano—Miss Bell 3 3 0 per quarter.
Piano—Mrs. Wilmot 2 2 0 per quarter.
Piano—Miss Browne 2 2 0 per quarter.
Piano—Mr. A. J. Towsey 4 4 0 per quarter.
Singing (private lessons)—Mrs. T. White, 2 half-hour lessons per week, 3 3 0 per quarter.
Singing (private lessons)—Mrs. T. White, Two hour lessons per week, 5 5 0 per quarter.
Piano—Mr. Towsey, two 40 minute lessons per week 4 4 0 per quarter.
Dancing 1 11 6 per quarter.
Gymnastics, per pupil 0 15 0 per quarter.
Gymnastics, two of a family, per pupil 0 10 6 per quarter.
Ornamental Work, each branch 1 1 0 per quarter.
Dressmaking 1 1 0 per quarter.

1877.—Quarter Days: February 5th, April 23rd, July 23rd, October 8th.