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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 31

The Theory Tested by Facts

The Theory Tested by Facts.

Three Classes of Evidence Bearing on the Point—Meaning of the Fact that Certain Very Ancient Species have not Changed—Probability of Gafs in the History as Shown by Fossils—Certain Gaps Filled by the Discoveries of Prof. Marsh—Birds that have Teeth—Animals Half Way Between Birds and Reptiles.

Prof. Huxley's experience in his first lecture, at Chickering Hall of the difficulty of making himself heard while the people were entering and finding their seats, was doubtless the occasion of his delay of ten minutes on the evening of Sept. 20 in coming on the stage. When he entered, nearly every seat was occupied.

Behind the speaker a large frame had been provided, on which were hung diagrams illustrative of the subjects to be treated in the lecture. These diagrams had been prepared with great care and accuracy under the supervision of Prof. Marsh, and they were so plainly lettered that there could be no possibility of mistaking their titles. Several of these diagrams illustrate Prof. Marsh's most recent discoveries, and will be quite new to the general public. The engravings will give a fair notion of the drawings.